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Bojibum by Contributor Level 3

AI txt when you have a foreign language

We have built out a process and number for calls that require an interpreter. What will display in AI - is there any type of translation service from voice to txt to see what the conversation was?

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Bojibum by Contributor Level 3

Short calls – what is going on?

They drive me crazy as a Marketer, as the longer the call the higher probability there is a sale involved. What do I look at if there are short calls? I first look at what % of my calls are under 1:00 minute long. I use 1:00 as a measure for what can...

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maria_ogneva by Community Manager

Scheduled downtime tonight

Hello Community! We will be taking down the community today / tonight to do some scheduled maintenance. It will start at 3:30 PM Pacific / 6:30 Eastern tonight and will last for a couple of hours. During that time, you can still file a support case b...

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amyraidel by Contributor Level 1

Lessons Learned When Building An IVR

What we've been working on is utilizing Interactive Voice Response (IVR)! We wanted a quick view for new patient calls. We're able to do that by creating an IVR. We built the keypress tree to read as new patients press 1, current patients press 2, an...

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amandasloan by Contributor Level 2

Resolved! "Discovered" destinations audit

We recently implemented a weekly audit to review "discovered" destinations to determine whether they need to be promoted or ignored.  Previously we promoted known numbers that we added to sites, but found that the list was growing and it was difficul...

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Jeremy_N by Contributor Level 1

Resolved! Anyone Miss the Heat Maps?

Boy do I miss the heat maps of unanswered calls. Anyone else?  Invoca, is this on the roadmap to bring over from Dialogtech? 

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Nina_Andres by Community Manager

Invoca is Chopping it like it’s HOT!

July is National Grilling Month and Invoca is celebrating all self-proclaimed grill masters!  Reply to this thread or email me at with either a picture of one of your favorite grill creations, your favorite recipe, or both!  In exc...

grilled veggies.jpg grilled veggies.jpg
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a_davis by Contributor Level 1

Affiliate Campaign Set Up & Tracking

Quick Summary of Affiliate Campaign Set Up & Unique Tracking - Order of Operations that has helped our team:Create Publisher campaign within your designated Affiliates/Publisher Profile & Add Destination #Share campaign with Publisher for approval (p...

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maria_ogneva by Community Manager

Community feedback!

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Invoca Community. It's a brand new space, and we built it based on feedback that many customers have shared with us. We would love to keep improving and evolving it to meet your needs. Is there something that you would lik...

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maria_ogneva by Community Manager

Welcome to the Invoca Community!

We created this space as a helpful resources to anyone trying to learn more about Invoca and Conversation Intelligence. We hope you enjoy being here and find the resources and connections you find here valuable. To start, please introduce yourself! S...

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