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cassandra713 by Contributor Level 1

Add 30 seconds forward and 15 seconds back button...

Hello! While listening to calls, which can be quite lengthy, it would be helpful to have a quick forward for 30 seconds or a quick backwards of 15 seconds button to skip through calls. I know it's possible to just click your mouse on the call where y...

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vestomatic by Contributor Level 1

New vs Existing client calls

We have an IVR that asks users to select 1 for New clients & 2 for existing.  Invoca picks this selection up in the recording.  Does anyone have thoughts on a way to attempt to group calls into new vs existing?

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Nina_Andres by Community Manager

Share your Invoca Signal Strategy!

WHAT SIGNALS have you set up that have helped you segment your customers along your sales and marketing funnel? Or patient journey if you are in healthcare?  As we all know, Invoca Signals automatically detect call outcomes, conversion events, and ca...

Screenshot 2023-04-18 at 7.57.25 AM.png
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hadams by Employee

PACE - Washington Summit - May 21st to 23rd

Hi All, Wanted to mention this Professional Associations for Customer Engagement event coming up in May. More information is available here: https://pacesummitdc.com/ The PACE Washington Summit is the annual compliance event that gives you the advant...

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Kara by Contributor Level 1

Look-up Table Success!

We recently uploaded one of the largest look-up tables in Invoca history! Over 2 million rows of data are now being used to help us make our signals even more accurate and we are able to see specific trends in reporting. Thanks Invoca!

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she11271 by Contributor Level 1

One tip I give other Invoca users, would that be?

"My tip would be is always remember your global search- Always remember that tool. That tool will help you out a lot. As far as filtering- Filtering the calls! It'll help alleviate the scrolling process because sometimes people are scared to filter m...

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Nina_Andres by Community Manager

Share your Dashboard Tips!

Spring is just around the corner and we want to hear your top tips on keeping your dashboard(s) neat and easy to read! We all know dashboards allow you to choose the key metrics that are important to you and see those insights at a glance without hav...

6021db3331b92a7bfd4431ac_winter_21_product_release_invoca (1).jpg
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monroeruss by Contributor Level 1

Connecting to API with PHP cURL

Has anyone had any success with connecting to the Invoca API using PHP and cURL? Documentation says that the API requires OAuth authentication, but when attempting to connect, the result returns "HTTP Basic: Access Denied." Which tells me that the AP...

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JONT by Contributor Level 1

Call routing

How do I see what number my tracking numbers are getting routed to? How do I change where a number is getting routed to?

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Zhendrix by Employee

Invoca for Automotive at NADA!

Invoca has made a big splash into the Automotive vertical! The automotive vertical has unique needs and clients ranging from OEMs like Subaru, Nissan, and Toyota to individual dealers and dealer groups like AutoNation. Additionally, Invoca supports m...

Screen Shot 2023-01-11 at 12.45.06 PM.png
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maria_ogneva by Community Manager

What's in your MarTech Stack?

Happy New Year, marketers and technologists! As we all know, our marketing tech stacks and how our tools are integrated help us accurately track, measure and optimize our marketing initiatives. For example: integrating Invoca with CRM tools helps us ...

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