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Community Manager
Community Manager

We created the Invoca Community to gather marketing, digital and sales leaders (that’s you!) to learn, share best practices, and support each other in their journeys with Conversation Intelligence so you can transform your careers and organizations.


This community is also the one-stop-shop  to support Invoca customers and partners in every step of your journey with us. Here you’ll find:

  • Knowledge articles and self-paced learning resources in the Learn Resources section
  • Case portal where you can file support cases and find solutions to your questions
  • An ability to network with your peers, Q&A where you can get your questions answered, and learn best practices from others in the Discussion section
  • Groups to network with peers within your vertical or use case and user group events.


Whatever you need, the Community is here to connect you with the right people and the right resources at the right time!


First and foremost, the Invoca Community is a community. We want it to be welcoming, engaging, respectful, educational, and useful for all members. To that end, when you are posting, please keep the following Community guidelines in mind: 


The Do’s


  • Get registered to participate: There is no obligation to post, and all contributions are voluntary. If you want to post messages, comments, images, content and other materials, or to file a support case, you will need to create an account. You can only create a Community account if you have a current Invoca account.
  • Choose a good user name: At registration, you will have an opportunity to set your user name. Do use a professional user name, do not use something that's inappropriate or misleading, and don’t try to impersonate someone else with your username. 
  • Be respectful to others. This one goes without saying. We are all at various stages in our careers and at various levels of knowledge of Invoca.
  • Ask away!  There’s no such thing as a bad question, as long as it’s on topic and respectful. If you are wondering if you should ask it, chances are others are looking for a similar answer.
  • Share away! Do you have a great tip or best practice? Why not share it with others so that everyone can benefit!
  • Be relevant and constructive. To ensure that everyone here has an amazing experience, please stick to conversation topics that are of interest to industry leaders like yourselves. When answering a question, please stay on topic. That’s not to say that we won’t have some fun with off-topic discussions! 🙂 (feel free to add them to Community Chat ) Before posting, ask yourself if your post contributes to our mission of being an inclusive, respectful, engaging, and educational space. Please make sure that your questions and posts are constructive.
  • Protect everyone’s privacy: To make the community of utmost use to everyone, people will be sharing real-life questions and tips. Please do not share what you learn here (especially in private spaces) outside of your organization. Also, please do not post anything you don’t want others to see. Under no circumstances should you share your company’s proprietary information or any personal details. Keep your account details secure and don’t share them with other users. 
  • Remember that results will vary: Other members’ comments, answers and best practices represent what worked for them. While you’ll find good advice here, remember that your situation may differ from the individual who has posted. Please keep that in mind when implementing others’ advice. 
  • Search first, ask questions later: Please search first before creating a new post, so we can avoid duplicating information and make navigation as easy as possible for everyone.
  • See something, say something: If you see bad behavior or something that you think violates these Guidelines, please tell us. You do not need to get involved; we will investigate.


The Don’ts

Under no circumstances, should you post content that contains any of the following:

  • Racist, sexist or other discriminatory comments
  • Defamatory, obscene or offensive language, personal attacks, harassment, insults and other not-safe-for-work (NSFW) language
  • Spam, trolls, flames, taunts 
  • Links to illegal downloads or sites that promote illegal activities 
  • False information
  • Content owned by others, unless you have permission to use it
  • Sensitive, confidential or personal information, including screen shots showing company confidential information

We have zero tolerance for any of the above!

Please absolutely no solicitations, including private and public messages. No one likes someone sliding into their DMs to sell them stuff. Instead, focus on building a reputation through insightful answers and insights.

Posting the above types of content could get your post removed, and could result in being banned from the community. If we feel a comment or post detracts from our mission to keep the Invoca Community an inclusive, engaging, respectful, educational, and helpful resource, we’ll edit or remove it.


The legal stuff:

We don’t want to leave the legal team out of the fun, right? Please familiarize yourself with Invoca’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Your participation in the Invoca Community is governed by these Community Guidelines, as well as our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Both of these items are linked from the footer on every page, so you can reference them whenever you need to.

We retain the right to edit or remove posts that violate these Guidelines or our Terms of Service. We also reserve the right to block members from accessing the Community for repeated and egregious violations of these Guidelines and Terms of Service.

Your Data

Depending on your location, you may have certain rights afforded to you regarding your personal information. We have enabled you to access, correct, and delete your personal data in the platform. Please visit My profile > My settings > Personal (or head here) to view your personal information or close your account.