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Nina_Andres by Community Manager

Automotive Marketing Predictions: 2023

With the New Year right around the corner, we'd LOVE to hear from AUTOMOTIVE marketing professionals and get your take on what you see trending heading into 2023!  We would love your professional opinion on the questions below and to feature your tho...

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ngocquyenvu by Contributor Level 1

Resolved! Compatibility with GA4

Hi I wanted to ask if Invoca was compatible with GA4. I wasn't able to find any documents online for configuration/set up with GA4. Please let me know how to set it up with GA4. Thanks

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maria_ogneva by Community Manager

1000+ Members Strong

Today we celebrate the Invoca Community reaching 1,000 (and some) members. This is a huge milestone for our pretty new community, and we are so grateful that you choose to come here and find value in our resources. Thank you, Invoca Community!

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Nina_Andres by Community Manager

Celebrating Halloween with our fa-BOO-lous customers!

It’s OFFICIALLY Halloween season and Invoca is SCARY EXCITED about celebrating with our fa-BOO-lous customers! Spirit of Children is a non-profit that brings fun and funding to local children’s hospitals through monetary donations and hosting Hallowe...

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cassandra713 by Contributor Level 2

Ability to export transcripts

It would be super helpful if there was an option to export transcripts into Excel/csv for reporting purposes. It's awesome to be able to run a report using the global transcript feature, however if you extract the report you only get the data behind ...

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Bojibum by Contributor Level 3

Reporting Syndicated calls

Reaching out to other marketers that use Syndication in calls. Is reporting any different for these calls vs a publisher type call?

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Mperalta by Contributor Level 1

Resolved! Reporting

Hello, Is there a way to pull a report that shows the answer rate?   Thank you,Michelle 

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amyraidel by Contributor Level 1

ActiveCampaign + Invoca = ??

Hi Invoca Community! Currently, we're using pushing out ActiveCampaign as our CRM so we can utilized marketing automations! I was wondering if anyone else is utilizing AC and if they tied Invoca in anyway back with it? Does anyone happen to have any ...

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BrianC_Invoca by Employee

Finding a Routine for Reviewing Calls

There is gold (GOLD!) to be had within the recordings and transcripts of your calls. Mining for this gold just takes a bit of curiosity and commitment. The latter relies on getting your routine down and sticking to it.  Slicing and Dicing Within Invo...

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lprust by Contributor Level 1

Custom Reporting Issue

Built a custom summary and some calls keep defaulting to a dash instead of the promo number description. Additionally some of the numbers are splitting off and creating new promo numbers on their own. For example "Station #1" now shows as "Station #1...

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Nina_Andres by Community Manager

National Dog Day - Vanity Fur

CALLING ALL DOG PARENTS! August 26th is National Dog Day and Invoca is excited to release our 2nd annual VANITY FUR digital magazine! In exchange for a photo of your precious pooch and a short bio (some of their favorite activities/foods/ways to be ...

Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 11.25.25 AM.png Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 11.25.25 AM.png
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sydney_kim by Employee

Error: You've reached your promo number limit

Have you ever attempted to add a new number to your network and encountered this error message: “You've reached your promo number limit. To add a number you must increase your promo number limit.” This can occur because of three reasons: 1. You are a...

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