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Introducing: Invoca PreSense!

Community Manager
Community Manager

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We just launched a very cool new product called PreSense, which gives contact centers real-time digital data to transform the caller experience. It displays the caller's digital journey information to contact center agents in their screen pop before the call begins. This helps them provide personalized, efficient service that wows customers with personalization, reduces time-to-resolution, and increases conversion rates. 

PreSense not only gives your agents important pre-call data, it also uses digital intent signals to optimize call routing, ensuring customers are connected to the most suitable agent based on their specific needs. And even more, PreSense doesn’t just help your human agents, it can make your AI-powered virtual agents better, too! By using pre-call digital data PreSense can help your virtual agents quickly determine the specific reason for contacting support and guide customers to faster resolutions.

For more information and to see how it's already helping customers like DIRECTV, check out this article: Introducing Invoca PreSense