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Share your Invoca Signal Strategy!

Community Manager
Community Manager

WHAT SIGNALS have you set up that have helped you segment your customers along your sales and marketing funnel? Or patient journey if you are in healthcare? 

As we all know, Invoca Signals automatically detect call outcomes, conversion events, and caller intent in real time with out-of-the-box algorithms for your industry and customizable AI models for your exact business needs. Share your Signal strategy in the thread below and Invoca will donate $25 in your name to your favorite charity! 


Contributor Level 1

As a retail marketing department, the success of our customers revolves around the number of leads we can drive to their offices and the number of appointments we can generate for their businesses. Because of this, our signal strategy really revolves around Leads and Appointments. We use a combination of phrase spotting, rule-based, and AI signals to measure these KPIs for our customers as accurately as possible. Our Lead signal is strictly AI based, built off of thousands of pre-statused calls. Our Appointment signal is a rule-based signal that combines two other signals- 1) an AI Appointment signal that does a great job of catching appointments on live calls and 2) a phrase-spotting signal we use to identify appointment intent on Voicemail calls. Overall these signals have drastically impacted the data we're able to provide our customers on the success of their marketing initiatives.

Thank you so much for your detailed response and for sharing your tips @maggiejeter ! Great to hear that the data is impactful and actionable!

Contributor Level 2

Our primary goal is to bring in leads to our sales team and get those leads to come to our physical locations for a tour, so our most important signals revolve around the sales process. We use a combination of phrase-spotting and signal discovery AI signals to identify two types of calls; 1) general sales calls regardless of outcome and 2) calls where either agent or caller attempted to book a tour. This lets us tie back the different marketing sources to actionable sales calls and determine the best way to spend our marketing budget.

The other piece of the sales puzzle is to make sure that the agents are handling the calls appropriately. We're able to use the same sales signals we use when evaluating the success of marketing efforts to segment calls to be scored. Our sales process isn't scripted, but we are working towards building signals for use in scorecards to determine where our sales agents are hitting all the necessary topics in both inbound sales discovery calls and outbound sales calls. This has definitely been a difficult process and is still ongoing as we try to identify potential phrases and keywords that match back to general topics. For example, one topic we would expect to come up in discovery is asking who is involved in the decision to make sure we are talking to all decision makers. We identified phrases we thought would be used like "is there anyone else involved" and yet that particular signal has never been triggered. Thankfully, Invoca rolled out the transcript search feature since the last time we tried to create these signals, so we're hoping round two will go better since we can get an idea of what keywords will show up without having to update the signal and wait for calls to come through.

Thank you so much for sharing, @Christina_Pfaff! We're thrilled that your usage of Invoca's transcript search feature has helped identify potential phrases for your to add to your scorecards. Keep up the innovative work!