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Finding a Routine for Reviewing Calls


There is gold (GOLD!) to be had within the recordings and transcripts of your calls. Mining for this gold just takes a bit of curiosity and commitment. The latter relies on getting your routine down and sticking to it. 

Slicing and Dicing

Within Invoca there are numerous ways to quickly segment and isolate calls that are desirable to you. Within seconds you’ll have these calls at your fingertips!

  • Maybe you are the paid search lead and want to review calls from marketing source google and marketing medium cpc.
  • Focused on a particular signal that drives your business? Segment those calls to better understand what is being said and fine tune your signal criteria.
  • OR maybe you isolate calls >10 min that did NOT meet that same signal. What’s happening on those calls?
  • Seeing some short duration calls? What’s happening there?
  • Perhaps a particular calling page is driving a lot of calls and you want to review just those calls.
  • Don’t forget our Global Transcript Search is another wonderful and fast way to drill down to specific calls.

Rinse and Repeat

Now that you’ve found the calls that you are interested in, make sure to hit that big save button and save the report and its criteria to My Reports. Next time you are in Invoca you can just navigate to your desired saved report and jump right into those calls again–adjusting your date range accordingly.

Don’t forget you can also schedule a saved report to hit your inbox. This is a nice way to keep yourself honest with allocating time to review calls. Maybe Tue AM is your lighter day? Schedule your report to arrive in your inbox at that time as a reminder.

Committing the time and effort to review calls is well worth the gold to be found. This is real data that takes you from an initial hypothesis to a proven outcome that can’t be disputed. 

Sharing is Caring

Those reports you created to segment specific calls? You can easily share the link with colleagues (with Invoca access) to view what you are viewing. They can then save to My Reports, give you a virtual high five, and be off to the races in monitoring those same calls that are important to them. 

Also, within the calls themselves you can add comments and tag a colleague. Maybe you stumbled into a call that is giving key insights about a new product. Go ahead and @ your colleague who runs point on that. 

No matter your approach, finding your own personal routine is key. There is so much great information contained in the conversions that are right in front of you. We cannot wait to see what you uncover!

Have a routine that works best for you? Please do share!