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Lessons Learned When Building An IVR

Contributor Level 1

What we've been working on is utilizing Interactive Voice Response (IVR)! We wanted a quick view for new patient calls. We're able to do that by creating an IVR. We built the keypress tree to read as new patients press 1, current patients press 2, and anyone with questions press 3.

However, after listening to a handful of calls, our current patients would press 1 to skip the IVR. Yet, new patients tend to tolerate the IVR. So, we decided to change new patients to 2 and current patients to 1. Giving us a reliable number for new patient phone calls!

Signals are important to track when refining your practices, and not just automatically collecting them. Have you been testing IVRs? What have you learned? I would love to hear!



I appreciate you posting this Amy and thanks for sharing your insights on the IVR experience! It's a pleasure to work with you! 


Hi Amy, Thanks so much for sharing your tips and tricks around the IVR. When I worked in the call center space we were looking to divide new sales verses existing customers, In most cases we would put the existing customer as the 1st keypress and New sales as #2 in an effort to ensure our sales team only got new customers.  It's interesting to see that sequence also resonates in healthcare. I think this feedback will be very important for some of the healthcare clients I work with.