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Short calls – what is going on?

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They drive me crazy as a Marketer, as the longer the call the higher probability there is a sale involved. What do I look at if there are short calls?

I first look at what % of my calls are under 1:00 minute long. I use 1:00 as a measure for what can be said in that amount of time. If the % is under 5% of the total I am not as concerned. If it is above that then I start to look for clues:

  • What time of day are they coming?
    • Is it after hours or is it during staffed hours? These two pieces of information allows me to drive more tactical solutions to get more calls answered and keep our customers happy. I also must look to see if we are getting bot traffic. If I am, did the campaigns get setup properly to remove some of that traffic or do I have to change out phone numbers. Also looking for patterns in the data Total duration is .04 seconds but Total connection time is Zero, then I know we have an issue we need to investigate.

  • Do I have IVR in play and is that working properly?
    • Not having a IVR in play for consumers to have options is key. With many options in the setup of the campaigns, make sure you have tested out your IVR tree.

  • Who hung up the phone?
    •  This is always a telltale sign if the consumer is hanging up or is our agents are hanging up. AI transcripts really help me then dig into the who/what of the conversation. I then start to look at signals and did the signal fire and if they didn’t, do I have the correct keywords in the signals.

All of the tools above help me quickly determine what going on with short calls which normally indicated missed opportunities.



Community Manager
Community Manager

These are such great tips! Thank you for sharing; this will definitely help someone grappling with the same.