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Error: You've reached your promo number limit


Have you ever attempted to add a new number to your network and encountered this error message: “You've reached your promo number limit. To add a number you must increase your promo number limit.”

This can occur because of three reasons:

1. You are attempting to add a static (direct promo) number to your network and have hit the campaign number limit. To increase this, follow the steps below (note: to make the changes below you must be a Super User. If not, follow the steps for reasons 2 & 3):

    1. Within the Invoca platform, navigate to the Campaign that you’d like to add your new static number to
    2. Go to the ‘Direct Promo Numbers’ tab
    3. At the bottom left-hand corner, there should be a line that states “Promo Numbers Allowed: xyz”
    4. Click on the blue pencil button and add your new promo number limit
    5. Inform your CSM that you’ve increased your promo number limit for xyz campaign so that they can keep an eye on usage

sydney_kim_0-1659118792724.pngImportant: be sure to not increase this number by too large of an amount as the higher the limit the more numbers that you will be able to use on a monthly basis. When in doubt reach out to your CSM and they can inform you of a safe amount to increase by.

2. You are wanting to add a static (direct promo) or dynamic number to your network and have hit the overall promo number limit. This ceiling controls the total number of both static and dynamic numbers and exists in order to prevent customers from using too many of your allotted numbers in a single month thus risking going into overages early on.

3. You are trying to add a new dynamic number to your network and have hit your dynamic number limit. As you may be able to guess, this is a limit that controls the number of dynamic numbers in your network and just like the network number limit, exists to prevent too high of usage in a month.

For both the promo number limit and the dynamic number limit, you’ll want to reach out to your CSM as these can only be updated by an Invoca employee. You’ll want to let them know how many additional numbers you’d like to add, and estimated website traffic if this is for a dynamic number. Your CSM should be able to compare current usage and projections with how many months are left in the partnership to come up with a fair number to increase your limit.

If you’re curious about how Invoca manages the size of your RingPools, check out this guide