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Affiliate Campaign Set Up & Tracking

Contributor Level 1

Quick Summary of Affiliate Campaign Set Up & Unique Tracking - Order of Operations that has helped our team:

  1. Create Publisher campaign within your designated Affiliates/Publisher Profile & Add Destination #
  2. Share campaign with Publisher for approval (publisher profile is already established in this case)
  3. Publisher approves campaign
  4. Promo number(s) are created within the approved Publisher-Campaign view. Add marketing data fields as needed. 
  5. Test promo numbers.  Once dialed, promo number should route to the destination number added in step 1. 
  6. Confirm test calls are tracked in both profiles, your designated Affiliates/Publisher Profile & the Publishers profile
  7. Provide promo number to necessary parties for placement.  For example, promo number is provided to the agency team to place on the Publisher specific landing page and or provide promo number to the Publisher for placement.
  8. Launch campaign and monitor tracking for quality assurance.