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National Dog Day - Vanity Fur

Community Manager
Community Manager


August 26th is National Dog Day and Invoca is excited to release our 2nd annual VANITY FUR digital magazine!

In exchange for a photo of your precious pooch and a short bio (some of their favorite activities/foods/ways to be adorable), Invoca will donate $25 in your name to ASPCA, a non-profit that protects animals against violence and cruelty. You will also receive an Invoca Doggy Swag package in exchange for your contribution!

PLEASE REPLY to this thread with a picture and a short bio by Tuesday, Aug 23rd! We look forward to sharing on Invoca's social channels at the end of the month!

If you're looking to get inspired, check out 2021's VANITY FUR digital magazine with contributions from community users, @Regan_Sweeney@markdavidbecker@AnnArm@amandasloan@Bojibum, and @tPhillips!  

Vanity Fur '21 Edition 

Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 11.25.25 AM.png



Image from iOS (2).jpg

This is Gracie J. 🐶 She's our wild 'labrador' rescue, that turned out to be German Shepard, Husky and Staffy (0% lab). She's wildly smart, very protective, and always has a skeptical look on her face, but she's a lover 💚

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi I'm Rex (AKA T-Rex). At 9.5 lbs, I'm very menacing GRRRR.. I was named this way because my (human) brother loves dinosaurs. He always likes to tackle me and snuggle me on the floor - and I can't break free fast enough. I'm not a stuffy! Other than rebuffing my humans' snuggle attempts, my favorite things to do are to "help" with laundry, longingly stare out of the window, visit a pumpkin patch, eat mommy's garden, play around at daycare (where I'm part of a dog band - check out our album cover in the 2nd pic below!) and do my Zoom meetings from my mom's office chair. They call me "Business Dog" because I'm always ready to Carpe that Diem! I turned one year old a few months ago! 

IMG_7777.jpgIMG_7652.JPGIMG_1009.jpgIMG_8723.jpgResized_20220322_101323.png IMG_6856.jpgIMG_0700.jpg


This is Judge (left) and Didi (right). Judge is an Australian Shepherd and Didi an Australian Cattle dog, both rescues. They are inseparable best pals that love belly rubs, being outdoors, hiking, water, and their favorite snack is carrots. Judge had his front left leg amputated and Didi was always by his side as he recovered. After his amputation, he was like a new dog (he was injured when we rescued him, not sure how)!? They bring absolute joy to our lives and although they are not herding cattle, they like herding our cats and nephews! IMG_4840.jpgIMG_4528.jpgIMG_4552.jpgIMG_4562.jpg


This is Rona! She's a Mini American Eskimo/Alaskan Klee-Kai/Pomeranian mix! Rona is three years old and loves to roll around in the grass, play chase, and give you puppy dog eyes until you give her some of your food. She's cuddly, affectionate, and scared of her water bowl if water splashes out while she's drinking it. Her favorite pastimes are playing with her cousins Cashew and Lychee, or taking one of her seven naps throughout the day. Known for her cloud-like fluff and one floppy ear, she has mastered the art of using her adorable looks to get what she wants!