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Community Manager
Community Manager

How do you know if your high-intent calls are being answered? What strategies have you employed to make sure those calls don’t go unanswered or get held up in your IVR? 

Share your high-intent caller tips in the thread below. The first 10 people who share will win new Invoca swag!

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Contributor Level 2

@Nina_Andres  We use Invoca's priority routing and intelligent routing features to funnel our High Value Patient calls - the caller is transferred to a priority routed call center # and has shortened IVR prompts to make sure the patient is able to get transferred to a live agent. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

That's fantastic, @Jigna! I'm sure your customers appreciate not having to hang out in an IVR for an extended period so they can make their important appointments in a timely fashion! I recently switched one of my healthcare doctor's offices to another one because I kept getting stuck in their IVR when trying to make an appointment! (They obviously didn't have Invoca😉). 

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We score all calls using a rolling 4 week performance based model that we created with Invoca data.  We assign a relative score comprised of several factors from call conversion to cost per lead to the average number of dead air calls to name a few.  The calls with the highest value (approx. 35% of total calls), bypass the IVR using Invoca's priority routing functionality which minimizes the risk of abandons and misroutes due to customer behavior or IVR complexity.  We then use our performance based call routing technology to funnel these highly valued calls to a special call queue which contains only our top performers. 

That's how you take SEM Branded calls from a 45% conversion to a 70% conversion while simultaneously driving down cost per lead, cost per call, and other marketing metrics.   

This strategy fully maximizes our marketing investment by monetizing our most valuable calls through our most talented sales professionals ultimately maximizing company profitability.   

Thanks for the opportunity to share.  I love this mad scientist stuff!


YES! Fantastic, Zo! Take notes ladies and gentlemen! @RenzClark has it figured out!