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This is a verified product documentation article. For case-based resolutions articles, please reference the Knowledge Base section of Invoca Community.

Your Invoca reports are filled with useful insights on your phone calls, including the duration of each phone call you receive. However, in some cases you may find that the duration of the same bundled phone call (as reported in the columns Total Connected Duration and IVR Duration) does not exactly match up when you view that call different reports. 

This is the expected behavior for your reports, not an error. It occurs for phone calls that went through a Bundled Campaign before entering an IVR, and occurs to prevent data from leaking after a call is re-sold via a Bundled Campaign.

Here is an example call flow where we will see a calls’ durations show up differently in different reports.


In the above scenario, the bundled campaign doesn’t have an IVR associated with it, so the phone call doesn’t spend any time in an IVR before it’s transferred to its destination campaign. At that point, it enters the IVR of the destination campaign. To keep this example more simple, let’s assume that this call stayed in the IVR for the remainder of the call. When looking at a report for the leg of the call for the Bundled Campaign, we will see the following differences between the Affiliate Report, and the Network Report:

In the Affiliate Report...

  • The times reported for the call’s “Total Duration” and “Total Connected Duration” are equal
  • The time reported for the call’s “Total IVR Duration” is zero

In the Network Report...

  • The times reported for the call’s “Total Duration” and “Total IVR Duration” are equal
  • The time reported for the call’s “Total Connected Duration” is zero


The Network is able to see these durations because it is allowed to view the information in the Campaign that the Bundled Campaign transferred the call to. The Affiliate does not have this level of access, therefore, it cannot see the IVR duration that occurred after the call left the Bundled Campaign.

Keep in mind this behavior will continue across a call regardless how many times a call goes through Syndication and Bundling. As the call goes from one campaign to another, IVR Duration that happens after a Bundled Campaign will not be seen by the Bundled Advertiser, Affiliate, or any organization the call went through before getting to the Bundled Campaign.


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