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private-comments.gifPrivate comments and @mentions for transcripts are now live! This means you can privately comment and mention one or more users or even @mention yourself within transcripts. For each comment you have the ability to tag it to reach everyone, only those you @mention or “only me.” 

These comments and mentions are also filterable and searchable so that you can easily find the moments that matter within call transcripts. 

Here are some ways to use this new feature:

  • Sales leaders can mention themselves to create coaching reminders for specific call moments to review with call center agents during 1:1 meetings.
  • Users can create notes, reminders and to-do items by @mentioning themselves with comments related to the call transcript. Remember that all of these are searchable so they’re easy to find in the future.
  • Users can mention one or a group of people to increase team collaboration. For example, @mention your team to highlight a great call talk track example.

A few things to remember: Comments and mentions will result in a notification to those mentioned based on their own notification settings in the platform. You can learn more about pubic and private comments and mentions in the Knowledge Base article