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Today is an exciting day at Invoca, as we launch a breakthrough product called PreSense, arming contact centers with real-time digital data to transform the caller experience. 

What if your contact center agents knew why customers were calling before they even picked up? Imagine what kind of service they could provide if they could see pre-call digital journey data like the search keywords, support articles, and online ads a caller viewed, or even see what was in their online cart before they called. With Invoca PreSense, now they can. 

With PreSense, your contact center agents get this pre-call digital journey information in their screen pop before the call begins, enabling them to provide personalized, efficient service that wows customers, reduces time-to-resolution, and increases conversion rates. With this release, we have broadened our innovative PreSense product enabling modern contact centers to connect it with Five9, NICE inContact, Genesys, Salesforce, Amazon Connect, and others.

Provide an Unparalleled Call Experience

Invoca's PreSense empowers agents to greet callers like VIPs from the moment they say hello. By providing agents with real-time insights about why customers are calling right in their screen pops, they can provide the seamless, personalized experience that today’s consumers expect.

PreSense not only arms your agents with important pre-call data, it uses digital intent signals to optimize call routing, ensuring customers are connected to the most suitable agent based on their specific needs. PreSense doesn’t just help your human agents, it can make your AI-powered virtual agents better, too! By using pre-call digital data PreSense can help your virtual agents quickly determine the specific reason for contacting support and guide customers to faster resolutions.

Watch this video to learn more about how PreSense works. 


PreSense at DIRECTV:

Contact centers utilizing PreSense run more efficiently and see dramatic cost reductions when calls are more personalized and to the point. With shorter calls, minimal transfers, and tailored conversations, brands can save millions in operational expenses — a crucial advantage amid a challenging economic climate.

For example, DIRECTV improved their contact center close rates by 110% by arming sales agents with an enhanced screen pop inside Salesforce that features specific elements of their callers’ real-time digital journeys. “The second a rep picks up the phone, we know what’s in their cart, we know what features they’re interested in, we know what pages they’ve been on,” said Mark Loovis, senior director of marketing technology at DIRECTV during an interview at last year’s Invoca Summit event. “When the rep has that information, it’s incredible what they can do.” Check out this video to hear about the impact of Invoca straight from Mark. 

To learn even more about the results DIRECTV is seeing, join us for the Customer Contact Week (CCW) webinar and hear from Mark directly!

(You can check out the  full blogpost from @jen_bassik here)