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Share your Dashboard Tips!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Spring is just around the corner and we want to hear your top tips on keeping your dashboard(s) neat and easy to read! We all know dashboards allow you to choose the key metrics that are important to you and see those insights at a glance without having to filter them into a report. 

Are you using visualization tools like moving relevant tiles to the top of your dashboard, or perhaps you expand tiles that are top-of-focus? 

Share your tip in the comment thread below and we will donate $25 to your favorite charity! 



Contributor Level 3

I like using Dashboards to keep informed throughout the day on real-time data. I'm a fan of the Recent Calls by Location map as well as Calls in Progress and Concurrent Calls. Each shows me a picture of call volume in a different way and helps me understand possible call center overload times. I use the data as a quick check on call volume should we need to complete an urgent code rollout that could impact website availability.

I am working with our CSM to develop new ways to categorize calls into categories, allowing us to create signals that can be used in more complex dashboard reports.

Contributor Level 3

Keeping a keen eye on your call programs is so important for sucess. I recently created a view that would show our Marketers if calls were on hold for a certain length of time. We sell multiple products, so we use the media Channel to seperate the different products we sell. I had to create a marketing field for each product I wanted to track and add a value of True to the marketing database. With that piece in play, we had signals created that captured if the on hold signal hit 2 1/2 minutes or 5 minutes or 10 minute time frame. The new tile captured the  view that very helpful to monitor. We always keep the cusomter experience in mind and no one likes to stay on hold. Our markerters can keep an eye on their dashboards to see how fast the calls are going through or finding they are hitting longer than wanted hold times. I have provided a screen shot of what that would look like. If you need help building this out, just call out to your Customer Sucess Manager for help

Contributor Level 2

The most recent addition to our list of dashboards is a view of signals added through Signal Discovery so we can easily keep track of the actual volume of calls we're receiving that hit these newer signals. For this view, we also filtered to just calls that were answered by agent and lasted at least 3 minutes as those are the calls most likely to be potential business. One of the goals we've been working towards with our Invoca team is shifting away from rule-based rules to more AI based rules, especially since we aren't a call center and don't have scripts our sales agents follow. The overlap between people calling to schedule a tour at one of our communities and people calling to schedule an interview is something we're always struggling with and it has definitely impacted our ability to create valuable scorecards. Since Signal Discovery is built based on historical calls, being able to see at a glance the frequency that those signals are still being met in current call data is helpful in evaluating the continued prevalence of these topics.