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Share your Dashboard Tips!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Spring is just around the corner and we want to hear your top tips on keeping your dashboard(s) neat and easy to read! We all know dashboards allow you to choose the key metrics that are important to you and see those insights at a glance without having to filter them into a report. 

Are you using visualization tools like moving relevant tiles to the top of your dashboard, or perhaps you expand tiles that are top-of-focus? 

Share your tip in the comment thread below and we will donate $25 to your favorite charity! 



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I am a huge proponent of keeping dashboards as clean and concise as possible, and placing key performance indicators right at the top of the dashboard. With most dashboards I create, these performance indicators will usually come in the form of some kind of percentage summary change, in which I am comparing key metrics for the current time period vs. the previous time period. My goal is make dashboards as easy-to-read as possible, so that if an executive needs to quickly evaluate performance, they can do so at a moment's notice. Underneath the key performance indicators, I will typically include other visualizations and tables such as top-line metrics trended over time (ie: traffic data), full funnel views of website visits to purchase, mobile vs desktop breakdown, marketing channel and campaign breakdowns, etc.

Wonderful insight, @frankmcginn! These are some impressive master-level tips; thank you so much for sharing!


I love the call out about keeping dashboards clean and concise, I can agree that most customers I work with find it valuable to add the Stat or Metric tiles at the top and then build out a more granular view. Using the Dashboard to give other team members and executive's a quick snapshot without having to filter is a plus. Don't forget to publish those dashboards. 

@frankmcginn oh these are such great tips - and with such wide applicability. We all have so much data, and to boil it down to key points for your key stakeholders is definitely a skill. Love your take on % changes - they are a great way to pique curiosity and grab attention, to have someone dig in further into the data!