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Call the Pup-arazzi! Invoca is celebrating National Dog Day! (For a great cause)

Community Manager
Community Manager

BARK BARK! August 26th is National Dog Day and Invoca is excited to release our 3rd annual “VANITY FUR” digital magazine to celebrate your four-legged friends for a great cause! 

Don’t have a dog? No problem! We want to celebrate your pet no matter what kind! (Kids don’t count😉)

In exchange for a photo of your pet and a short bio, we will send you an Invoca Doggy Swag Package (if you'd like one), as well as donate $25 in your name to ASPCA or a local non-profit of your choice. If you do not currently have a pet but would like to participate, feel free to share a story about a pet you once knew.

EXAMPLE: This is my dog, Marty Mcfly. He enjoys rolling around in the grass, anything peanut butter related, and making sure his mom is fully aware of any and all Amazon package deliveries.


To participate, add your pet photos and biographies to this thread by Friday, Aug 25th!

*Please note all submissions will be added to our celebratory LinkedIn post where you and your company will be tagged


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I missed International Cat Day, but luckily my girls can't read so they'll believe me when I tell them it's today!

Mindy is our 14 year old tortie and was adopted from a shelter in Michigan when she was 7 months old. She is my constant shadow, though she prefers long distance cuddling to actual snuggles. My husband says that mine and Mindy's is the greatest love story ever told. He is her second favorite person, but she has no problems making it clear who she prefers - often by pushing him away with her paw if he tries to hug me while I'm holding her. 🙂



Zoe is our 11 year old orange tabby and we "abducted" her from a feral mama cat who gave birth under a friend's porch in St Louis when she was 1 month old. She has joined the neighborhood watch and spends most of the day stationed at the bedroom window. It doesn't appear that she knows there's a second part to the job of telling people what you've seen, but we're not about to burst her bubble. She hates to be touched, except when she's sleepy and then she turns into the cuddliest ball of fur on the planet.




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This is my 17 year old girl, Stripe a.k.a TRIPE, Stinky, or STEEE-ripe. When she isn't modeling for mom you can typically find her basking in the sun, staring adoringly at dad, searching for catnip or ruining the potted plants in the house she (thinks she) owns. Stripe was a city-kitty in STL before she was adopted in 2019. Stripe will scream when she is hungry, but refuses to eat unless you are at the bowl to pet her. Her favorite things to do are snuggle and freak her parents out by finding the best new hiding spots around the house & then disappearing for 6+ hours. 

If Stripe had her to write her own profile "about me", it would say the following:

🌟 All sweet girls have sensitive tummies.

😾Perpetually grumpy angel. 

💓 Mom & Dads favorite.

-->I'm gonna live fur-ever<--


STIPE-- a TRUE legend! His eyes are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing! 😺

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Chase is my 16-year-old Shorkie (Shih-Tzu/Yorkie). He recently passed on 7/16/23 he was an amazing companion/co-worker and loved obnoxious squeaky toys, biscuits, and showcasing his Selfie game with Snapchat filters 🙂 


















@cristina, thank you so much for sharing little Chase. We are so sorry for your loss and hope the memories of Chase bring you comfort during this time. 💚