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Call the Pup-arazzi! Invoca is celebrating National Dog Day! (For a great cause)

Community Manager
Community Manager

BARK BARK! August 26th is National Dog Day and Invoca is excited to release our 3rd annual “VANITY FUR” digital magazine to celebrate your four-legged friends for a great cause! 

Don’t have a dog? No problem! We want to celebrate your pet no matter what kind! (Kids don’t count😉)

In exchange for a photo of your pet and a short bio, we will send you an Invoca Doggy Swag Package (if you'd like one), as well as donate $25 in your name to ASPCA or a local non-profit of your choice. If you do not currently have a pet but would like to participate, feel free to share a story about a pet you once knew.

EXAMPLE: This is my dog, Marty Mcfly. He enjoys rolling around in the grass, anything peanut butter related, and making sure his mom is fully aware of any and all Amazon package deliveries.


To participate, add your pet photos and biographies to this thread by Friday, Aug 25th!

*Please note all submissions will be added to our celebratory LinkedIn post where you and your company will be tagged


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Happy to introduce Una and Ushi. These girls are a bonded pair of Golden Retrievers adopted 4.5 years ago. Ushi is the older sister and loves swimming, people, and treats, but hates retrieving balls. At the dog park Ushi prefers to wait at the gate and greet all the human visitors and sniff out treats. 

Una loves her older sister Ushi (it's one-sided), walks, and snuggles, but is terrified of fireworks and thunderstorms. Una is often found wearing her life-vest in the house since it makes her feel more confident. Both fur-babies are very popular in the neighborhood because they are so good-natured and do well with children. 

Una SmilingUna SmilingUshi loves greeting peopleUshi loves greeting peopleSunday BrunchSunday Brunch


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Mabel is a sassy 8 year old Miniature Schnauzer. She loves belly rubs and any attention you'll give her. My daughter runs her Instagram account here:

If you want to keep up with all of Mabel's shenanigans make sure you follow her online. My daughter in a senior in high school and has posted daily content without missing a day in years 🙂   If you need a social media content manager I am sure she is willing to take a part time job 🙂


Mabel gets cuter every year!

*insta following!

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Today is International Cat Day and what better way for me to celebrate it by posting my beloved Archie! On September 26, 2022, I visited the Citizens for Animal Protection shelter with the intentions of adopting a cat. After visiting with one that was a little too shy for my preference, they brought in Archie and he was a ball of joy running around the visitation room playing with his toys and even letting us pick him up.

He is a super playful guy and just turned 1 on July 3! He loves to play fetch (go figure) as well as playing chase up and down the stairs. I’m the mom who purchased all kinds of cat toys, but his favorite thing is a balled up sticky note! He loves to walk in front of the camera when I’m in meetings just to let them know who’s really running the show.

As a first time cat mom, he has set a very high bar in my life. I truly understand how animals can bring so much emotional support when you think you may not need it.1 yrs old1 yrs old7 months old7 months old