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Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to our first “Grow With Invoca” customer newsletter! Each month, Invoca will share educational resources centered on a specific theme to help our customer drive more value with Invoca and grow in their careers. 

This month’s theme is about driving success with Google Ads by focusing on lead value, not volume. Read on to learn strategies to help you increase the value of the calls you are driving from Google Ads – and increase your own value to your business. 


Resources for Driving More Value From Google Ads 


Value Over Volume: An On-Demand Webinar With Google & Invoca

Watch the recording of this exciting webinar with Google’s Head of Analytics, Nima Oftadeh, and Invoca’s CMO, Peter Isaacson, to discover how shifting focus from lead volume to value can unlock incredible revenue gains.


5 Tips to Use Google Ads AI to Drive More Revenue

One of the most impactful AI tools at any marketer’s disposal is Google Ads Smart Bidding. In this post, we’ll show you 5 impactful Smart Bidding tips you can use to increase revenue. 

Check out these great tips from a user group around optimizing Google Ads with Invoca Signals. 


invoca-customer_retention-Grow With Invoca-2024-Marketo_email-v 1 (1).png

5 Takeaways From Invoca’s Fireside Chat with Rentokil Terminix & Google

Recently, the Head of Paid Media at Rentokil Terminix, James McGinn, and the Measurement Lead at Google, Derek Tucker, spoke at a live event on how to improve lead quality and drive revenue. James authored this blog sharing his 5 biggest takeaways from that conversation for marketers and Invoca customers. Also, check out this user group recap, featuring James.


How Routing Calls Based on Digital Intent Data Can Boost Call Center Profits 

Driving more quality leads from Google Ads is just the beginning – your call centers and locations still have to convert them to customers. This blog talks about how marketers can use first-party intent data from a caller’s digital journey — things like Google search keywords, website clickstream data, and unique digital identifiers — to improve caller experiences and conversion rates.


15 Smart Alerts for Phone Leads to Improve Digital Marketing & Call Conversion Rates

Smart alerts can notify you when issues or important trends occur on calls so you can investigate immediately and take action. They are a valuable tool for stopping issues with Google Ads campaigns or call handling experience before they wreak havoc with your ROI. Try these suggestions for how to use alerts to help improve phone call conversion rates. 


And make sure to check out this Invoca Academy resource on how to build custom Smart Alerts - and this Invoca Community resource on getting started! 


How DIRECTV Decreases CPA & Improves Conversion Rates

From value-based Smart Bidding to dynamic call routing, learn the strategies DIRECTV uses to drive more conversions and revenue while lowering their CPA from Google Ads. And make sure you register for our upcoming webinar featuring DIRECTV to hear directly from this innovative company!