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Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the Invoca Community! We are so glad you are here, and we hope that you find this a useful resource in your daily life. We built this community to help connect our customers and partners to the resources they need to be successful with Invoca. Some of these resources are learning resources and knowledge base articles, and some are networking opportunities with your peers. To help you get the most out of it, here are some helpful tips to get started.

1) Review the Invoca Community Guidelines! It lays out some useful best practices, do's and dont's to ensure that we are together creating the most supportive and educational resource we can.

2) Fill out your profile. You can navigate to your profile by going to your name icon in the top right and clicking on "my profile." There you will have an option to adjust your avatar. When you register, you are assigned a generic avatar. You can choose to use a profile photo (we recommend!), but you can also use a default avatar or switch to another default avatar. Feel free to also add whatever information you choose to share with others, but please make sure  that you aren't sharing any private details or details you don't want others to see.

2) Check out your settings. Here you can change your user name (this is the name that shows up when you make a post. You can also tweak your email notifications and subscriptions.

3) Introduce yourself! Let's meet each other. Please take a minute to introduce yourself in this welcome thread.

4) Search: a great place to start when you have a question is to search. The larger our community grows, the more conversations and articles will come up in search.

5) Q&A: If your search didn't yield suitable results, please ask a question in a discussion forum. It's a great way to get an answer from a peer or an Invoca team member. Although it's not an official support channel, various Invoca team members will engage from time to time in discussions. The best place to ask a question if you are a marketing customer is here, for our sales and care center / QA customers, the best place is here, and for our agency, affiliate and performance marketing customers, the best place is here.

Top tip: As others share their answers to your question, please thank them, give them kudos, and mark the most helpful comment as an accepted solution!

6)  Learn: We have a plethora of product documentation, learning content and how-to content in our Learn section. You can browse by feature or even by your role!

7) Share a best practice: Did your company achieve results with Invoca? Are you pursuing an innovative use case? Have you designed valuable signals? Is there something you have learned that you think could be useful to others? Please share as a best practices discussion, and watch the thanks roll in! Sharing your best practices and learnings is a great way to grow your visibility in the community and to build your reputation! As always, no secret or proprietary information please!

😎 Brag! Did you achieve awesome results at work? Did you get promoted? We want to celebrate with you! There is absolutely a place to do so, in our best practices discussions.

9) Join events: As I mentioned above, the beauty of this community is that it's filled with your peers, working on similar things, and perhaps having gone through the same Invoca journey you are embarking upon. Join a networking group and / or an event here.

10) Subscribe: Want to get notified of follow-ups on a question or an article? Subscribe to it, and get alerted via email!

Do you have other tips? Any favorite features or conversations on this platform? Post it in the comments!