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Community Manager

Continuous Improvement: It’s in our DNA

One of Invoca’s core values is “Continuous Improvement” and we’ve been busy creating lots of new features and enhancements to the Invoca platform to continuously improve your experience. From small enhancements that can make a big difference to more noteworthy launches in the past few months (Industry Signals and Pre-built Scorecards, anyone?), please take a minute or two to scroll through the list below and as always, we’d love your feedback! Just click the “Reply” button on this page and tell us what you love, where we might have missed the mark, and what’s on your Invoca Platform wishlist.



Industry Signals are pre-built and pre-tested keyword spotting Signals created for 11 core verticals. These new Signals are available for Keyword Spotting and Signal AI customers and allow you to hit the ground running right out of the box. If you’re curious about how they work, check out this blog post that also has a self-guided demo so that you can see them in action.

Exclude IVR from Keyword Spotting

You can now choose to exclude the IVR from keyword spotting. This should help increase the accuracy of your keyword spotting Signals since the IVR words and phrases will not be included in Signal measurement. To exclude the IVR: Signals>Manage Signals and choose to exclude the IVR. For all new Signals “Exclude IVR” is now the default setting.

Dashboard Custom Date Range

There is a new “Custom” option for date selector in our dashboards to give our customers the flexibility they need to use their Invoca data to the fullest. This will allow you to edit existing dashboard tiles to the new Custom date range. Even better: the Builder Tile also has this same custom data range feature!

Automated Quality Assurance Enhancement: Pre-built Scorecards

The Invoca for Contact Center’s Quality Assurance module got a big boost recently with the launch of Pre-built Scorecards. Designed with teams new to automatically scoring calls in mind, these scorecards provide customers with useful data from day-1. Built on Invoca’s keyword spotting technology, these pre-tested, customizable, and easy to understand scorecards serve as starting points putting customers on the fast track to scoring sophistication.

The scorecards include:

  • Asking for Sale
  • Call Etiquette
  • Information Gathering
  • Overall Performance

The Overall Performance scorecard provides a single metric derived from the other three scorecards. Together, these scorecards are ready to go right out of the box and are included in the purchase of the Quality Assurance module.

Small But Mighty!

Here are a few smaller, but still important new enhancements:

  • Integration Auth Email Notifications: For opted-in users, we will now send an email to all users with a role of Member and above if their Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, or Facebook Ads Connect Apps have an authentication issue.
  • Blocked Numbers Tool: You can now omit anonymous, restricted, and unknown caller IDs in the UI and in reports with Blocked Numbers tool. Find it: “Settings” icon in the lower left of the platform >“Tools” section.
  • Destinations Export Feature: You can now more easily manage numbers across Destinations with the new “Export” option which generates a report of all ignored, discovered, and active numbers for any campaign. Try it: Campaigns>Manage Campaigns>Campaign>Destinations>Export button.

  • Canadian Postal Code Capture: For customers in some packages, the Invoca IVR now features a new Beta feature within the “Ask for number input” node titled “Canadian Postal Code: Speech Recognition Only.” This question type allows callers to verbally provide a Canadian postal code that will then be saved as a Marketing Data field.