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Google Call Extension Disapprovals

Contributor Level 2

For the last few months, Google has disapproved all of our call extensions using direct promo numbers. We didn't have a problem setting these up for any ad accounts in the first half of the year, but they haven been disapproved in our 8 most recent ad accounts. 

  • All of these ad accounts are linked to a verified Google Search Console account. This link may have been established after creating the call extension.
  • I've resubmitted the call extensions several times using various formats (XXX) XXX-XXX, XXX-XXX-XXX etc.
  • I've called these numbers to verify that they are being routed correctly.
  • Google's support reps have been extremely unhelpful and doesn't have a grasp on how 3rd party forwarding numbers are intended to function.

This has been very frustrating since the majority of our calls from ads come from these ad extensions. Does anyone have any tips for getting call extensions using provisioned direct promo numbers approved?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Steve, thanks so much for flagging this to us. I don't yet have a solution, but wanted to let you know we are working on it. Did you try to file a case with Invoca by any chance? 

Hi! I created a support ticket yesterday afternoon. This morning, I found out that the issue might be because we are using 3rd party landing pages from LeadPages in our ads. Since our landing pages don't match the domain we linked through Google Search Console, Google won't approve numbers that aren't coded on the landing page.

Do you know if there is a way to track call extension calls for Invoca customers who are using landing pages hosted by LeadPages or Unbounce?