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This is a verified product documentation article. For case-based resolutions articles, please reference the Knowledge Base section of Invoca Community.

This is a verified product documentation article. For case-based resolutions articles, please reference the knowledge base section


If you use Invoca alongside Google full suite of digital marketing tools, you'll need to put some thought into planning how you want to send Invoca data to Google's interconnected products. Google recommends integrating either Campaign Manager or Search Ads 360 (SA360), but not both simultaneously. This is because both solutions can share floodlight activities, and sending data to both can result in duplicate data and inflated action/transaction counts. You can learn more about these issues in this Google knowledge article.

There are good reasons to integrate Invoca with either Campaign Manager or SA360, depending on your business objectives:

  • Integrate with SA360 if your focus is solely on tracking paid search.
  • Integrate with Campaign Manager instead if you're tracking paid search as well as other channels, such as display advertising. Then, share the floodlight activities from your Invoca integration back with SA360.

Here is a comparison with more information about each solution and how they might affect your strategy when integration with Invoca:


  Google Search Ads 360 Google Campaign Manager
What this product does Buying and optimizing paid search ads Serving ads, viewing reports, and verifying your ad spend
Media tracked Paid search Paid search, display, some video
Attribution type Click-through Click-through, view-through
What this integration does Passes only paid search attribution for your Invoca phone calls to SA360 Passes attribution for paid search, display ad, and video campaigns for your Invoca phone calls to Campaign Manager


Additional Information

Despite all these warnings, if you decide to go against Google's recommendation and integrate both solutions, you can avoid duplicating your data by creating distinct floodlight activities for each integration and being careful about how these conversions are shared between your Google tools. If you are certain you want to follow this solution, click the Contact Support button at the bottom of this article to get in touch with our friendly Customer Success team, who can help scope and guide this level of custom work.

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