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In your Invoca account, you can use a feature called Signal AI to automatically recognize insights in your phone calls to report success events — such as when a purchase is made — in real-time. To train your Signal AI to recognize those insights, you must provide sample recordings of already-completed phone calls, along with records of whether your signal events did or did not occur in these calls.

Your Invoca account may be set up to automatically record phone calls driven to you using Invoca promo numbers. If available, we recommend you use your Invoca recordings to train the accuracy of your Signal AI. However, you are also able to upload recordings of your phone calls from a third-party system, such as your call center. You might want to import your phone calls if:

  • You are a new Invoca customer without many recorded calls
  • You are switching to Invoca from another call intelligence service
  • You prefer to keep your phone call recordings stored in your call center or other system
  • You already keep records indicating in which of your phone calls your success events have occurred

In these situations, you can follow these directions to upload a spreadsheet to your Invoca account with links to all your call recordings — and records of your success events.

Section 1: Preparing your phone call recordings

  1. Gather and prepare your phone call recordings so that your Signal AI can access and learn from them. Each phone call recording file must be accessible via hyperlink — most often hosted online via a third-party call recording system such as your call center software, via your organization’s web server, or an Amazon S3 bucket.
  2. Ensure that your phone call recordings will be accessible to your Invoca account. If you are accessing these recordings from a third-party call center or call intelligence system, make sure that the recordings are unsigned. If the recordings are stored in your cloud storage service or web server, ensure that the files are marked with open permissions for your Invoca account.
  3. Indicate whether each of your success events did or did not happen on each of your phone calls. To get this data, you may need to listen to your phone calls individually, contract with a third-party call scoring service, or import call records from your CRM or another third-party system.

Now that you have your call recordings and outcomes well organized and easily accessed, you can follow the next steps to upload this data to your Invoca account.

Section 2: Uploading your call recordings and success events to your Invoca account

  1. Log in to your Invoca account. In the sidebar menu, click Signal.
  2. Find the Upload Signal AI Training Data tile in the Signal menu and click Upload.
  3. Click “Download Template” button, and select “I have links to non-Invoca call recordings” to download a template spreadsheet (.xlsx) file. This template will help you upload your call recordings and signals in a format that your Invoca account can recognize.
  4. Open the template file you just downloaded. In the recording_url column, enter the hyperlinks to each of your phone call recordings that you identified in Section 1 step 1.
  5. For each signal you’d like your Signal AI to track, enter the exact name of that signal in a new column in your template spreadsheet. For the first time you import recordings of your phone calls into Signal AI, these signal names cannot match the name of any Signal that already exists in your account.
  6. In each of your signal columns, enter the outcome of that signal event for the corresponding call recording you entered in step 4. You may enter signals that did occur as “true”, “yes”, or “1”, and signals that did not occur as “false”, “no”, or “0”. When you are finished, save your spreadsheet file.
  7. Return to your Invoca browser window. Click the upload button in the Upload New File tile, then select the spreadsheet file with your call recording data that you just saved. Then, click Upload and Preview.

Congratulations, you’ve just uploaded call recordings to your Invoca account, along with the ground truth data necessary to train your Signal AI! If there weren’t any errors in your file upload, you’ll see a status bar showing the progress of your upload. If our system finds errors in your upload, you can use the previewer to review and fix those errors. Otherwise, click to proceed with processing.

Upon successful completion of processing, you will see your Signals created and trained when you drill into each AI Signal. Equipped with data from your business, your Signal AI can now get to work identifying patterns in your phone calls. You can also view the accuracy rate as well from this interface — the accuracy range accuracy range of your Signal AI will improve the more calls you include in your Signal AI, so keep scoring more phone calls for the best real-time insights!


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