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Community Manager
Community Manager

"Brands that invest in the data and analytics that reveal what's working and what's not are much better positioned to stand out and gain market share now and when the economy recovers,"
-Gregg Johnson, Invoca CEO.


Summit Awards Are a Wrap!


It’s a wrap on Invoca Summit, but we will continue to celebrate our award winners!

Our favorite event of the year has recently wrapped, and we are giddy about the achievements of our customers! The Summit Awards are a great way to celebrate these achievements. Take a look at our winners this year. In the coming months, we will be spotlighting these innovative customers.

Celebrate our Winners!


Among tightening media budgets, do you know which expenditures work for you?

During today’s economic uncertainty, marketing leaders are becoming more disciplined about their paid media expenditures and technology investments. Noah Brooks from University Hospitals spoke in a Summit session about how his team is using Invoca data to invest in what’s working. Watch the entire session here.

DIRECTV, Summit Award winner in Best Cross-Channel Customer Experience Strategy, also uses Invoca to be more efficient with their spend by decreasing CPA and increasing contact center close rates BY 110%. “Invoca has become a critical part of our tech stack. It’s given us full visibility into the call channel and significantly reduced our cost per acquisition. And we’re just scratching the surface of what it can do,” said Mark Loovis. Read more about their successful strategy here and watch Mark in the Summit keynote.

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These helpful resources make calculating your ROI a breeze!

Check out these resources to help make your marketing investments even more efficient!

Create and add direct promotional numbers to support offline marketing, Google Call Extensions, or G...

Learn how to set up an IVR so you can more efficiently and effectively route customers to the right agent

Learn how to use Invoca's Salesforce integration to get complete visibility into which marketing efforts drive conversions through closed-loop conversion and revenue reporting. Match closed-won revenue captured in Salesforce with your marketing efforts, helping you increase the overall return on advertising spend.

Meet Noah Brooks, Conversation Intelligence Hero!


The Conversation Intelligence Hero program gives customers a platform to highlight their success with Conversation Intelligence, Call Tracking, and Analytics.

You already met Meet Noah Brooks, one of our Conversation Intelligence Heroes, in the video above. Get to know the man behind the mask at University Hospitals and hear how his participation has helped advance his career and has led to an increase in University Hospitals' marketing budget.

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