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Welcome to April’s edition of the “Grow With Invoca” customer newsletter! Each month, Invoca shares educational resources centered on a specific theme to help our customers drive more value with Invoca and grow in their careers. Two weeks ago, we conducted our first “Grow with Invoca” webinar that was all about driving more revenue from your search and digital ads, and thus increasing your impact on your company (more on this below).


And so this month’s theme is all about connecting your marketing investments directly to revenue, improving digital engagement, and driving and converting more phone leads to customers and patients. Let’s dive in!


Resources to Connect Your Marketing To Revenue 


Webinar with DIRECTV: 7 Ways to Make Your Conversions, ROAS & Reputation Soar with Invoca

The best way to get noticed in your organization is by driving more revenue from your search and digital ads – and proving it. Now, what if you could do it without increasing your ad spend? In last week’s webinar, Blair Symes from Invoca and Nesby Ingram from DIRECTV shared the secrets to boosting conversions and ROAS from digital channels like Google Ads, Facebook, and display. If you missed it, you can watch it On Demand here. The full recap of the 7 strategies side by side is located in the Invoca Community.


Putting The “7 Ways” Into Practice

The Invoca Academy team did a great job putting together a set of underlying tips and best practices we discussed in the webinar into this learning path.


Using Signals to Drive Conversions and Revenue

As you may have heard Blair and Nesby talk about in the webinar above, Signals are key to optimizing for calls that convert and drive revenue. Here are some best practices to keep in your back pocket: Check out 6 Ways Marketers Can Use Signal AI Studio to Make Their ROAS and Reputation Soar blogpost, and read up on best practices from Invoca and your peers from this Signal User Group. To learn the how-to’s, please check out Signals overview and Report Call Outcomes with Signals: A Comprehensive Guide.

Connecting CRM and Invoca Data for Closed-Loop Attribution

To truly quantify revenue driven by your marketing and your calls, connecting Invoca data to your CRM system is critical. Learn a bit more about our integrations and, if you are using Salesforce, check out the Invoca for Salesforce Sales Cloud integration overview.


7 Ways to Boost Facebook and Instagram ROAS With Data From Phone Conversations

Data is the biggest competitive advantage for advertisers on Facebook and Instagram. And no data is more valuable than the proprietary data contained in the phone conversations consumers have with your business. This blog highlights the types of data available from phone conversations and 7 ways you can use it to boost Facebook and Instagram ad conversions,  ROAS, and revenue.