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If you use Invoca for affiliate marketing, you can share access to Invoca data with your Advertisers and Affiliates using Single Sign-On for Affiliates and Advertisers. This feature foregoes the usual process of sending your Affiliates and Advertisers their own login credentials to a portion of your Invoca account. Instead, all the data from their campaigns will be sent directly over API. This feature is usually used in conjunction with an affiliate management app such as CAKE  or HasOffers.

SSO for Affiliates and Advertisers is a different feature from the similarly-named SAML SSO, which allows users on your network to login to Invoca via an identity provider such as Microsoft ADFS, Okta, or Azure. For more help setting up SAML SSO, see How to allow users in your Invoca network to log in via SAML Single Sign-On (SSO).

If you decide to enable SSO for Affiliates and Advertisers, please note the following differences on an SSO platform:

  • Your advertisers and affiliates who log in via SSO cannot add edit or deleted users in their account.
  • Users see Advertiser and Publisher management pages as "View" instead of "Manage", as edits to these platform objects occur on a separate, integrated system that has been integrated using the Network Integration API.
  • Your affiliates cannot invite publishers.

If you'd like to enable SSO for Affiliates and Advertisers in your Invoca network, contact your Invoca account manager or core customer manager.


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