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This is a verified product documentation article. For case-based resolutions articles, please reference the Knowledge Base section of Invoca Community.

In general Invoca does not have a limit to the number of calls that can be initiated on a single promo number at one time.

Though it is possible to ensure all your calls are answered and prevent calls from going to overloaded call centers by using Concurrent Call Caps
. Concurrent Call Caps limit the amount of concurrent calls that can be sent to destination campaigns within a bundle. Example use case: only five agents are available to take calls, so set your concurrent call cap to 5. When 5 calls are in progress, Invoca will send the next call to another available campaign.

To enable this for your platform, click "Contact Support" at the bottom of this page.

Please note: This feature is only available to users with Invoca's Enterprise Package.


Concurrent Call Caps considerations:
1. Can only be set at the child campaign level
2. Must be used in conjunction with bundled campaigns but set at the child campaign level
3. Only users that can access/edit budget caps today can access/edit Concurrent Call Caps


Concurrent Call Caps are only enforced when used in conjunction with a Bundled Campaign. View Concurrent Call Caps per destination campaign on the Bundled Campaign Summary page.
Within the Payout step in the campaign wizard, click on the Budget and Call Caps Alerts section. Edit and set Concurrent Call Caps in destination campaigns. Note: Concurrent Call Caps are only available to be set at the child campaign level and are not available for setting on Bundle campaigns themselves.

Concurrent Call Caps may also be configured via the Network Integration API, version 2015-05-01 or later. Documentation available in the Developer's Portal.
Destination Campaign Summary page displays the current Concurrent Call Cap value.


Any user that can access and edit Budget Caps today can access and edit Concurrent Call Caps.
Concurrent Call Caps are calculated in real-time similar to other campaign availability criteria (in region, hours, budget caps, etc..) settings and are enforced when used in conjunction with a Bundled campaign's IVR node "Select transfer destination from bundle". 


Note: the repeat caller checkbox on bundle call treatment will ignore concurrent call caps if checked and send repeat callers to the originally connected destination campaign:

To mitigate improper routing of any calls, ensure your Bundled campaign contains a viable overflow campaign, usually identified in the ‘else’ node.
It is not recommended to use notifications with Concurrent Call Caps as notifications are limited to one per day per campaign.

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