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Adobe Experience Cloud is a leader in digital marketing technology and a premier integration partner with Invoca, helping marketers build campaigns, manage advertisements, and gather attribution and business insights. By connecting your Invoca account to your Adobe Experience Cloud products, you can fully integrate your Invoca call intelligence with the rest of your marketing efforts. 
How can your business use Invoca and the Adobe Experience Cloud together? Here are a few examples:

  • Attribute calls to marketing channels to make data-driven decisions that optimize marketing spend, maximize ROI, and facilitate more seamless and personalized experiences.
Example Use Case: Paid Search Optimization
Attribute calls and call conversions to the paid search campaigns, ad groups,
ads, and keywords driving them. Incorporate call conversions in your Weighted
Objectives and forecasting tools.
  • When using Adobe Analytics and Target in tandem, incorporate call data alongside online actions to better understand which A/B experiments and variants are driving the most desirable outcomes.
Example Use Case: Choose the Right Variation
Marketers spend a lot of time and effort building experiments to discover the best
variations that drive more engagements and conversions. Make sure you take
into account both online engagements and behaviors and offline actions - like
phone calls - to understand the variations that truly perform.
  • Use Invoca Signals that designate the type of call, caller, and outcome in segmentation. Build dashboards in Workspace that slice and dice data based on different segments to discover target customers, their behaviors, and how best to engage with them.
Example Use Case: Website Optimization
Marketers can gather an understanding of what pages are driving calls and call
conversions, what is behind journey fallout, and a more complete picture of the
flow of one checkpoint to the next. This data can be used to optimize online lead
forms, content, and the overall experience for target segments.
  • Share call-related segments with other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, like Adobe Target, Adobe Advertising Cloud, and Adobe Audience Manager. Put the segments into action through content personalization and better ad targeting.
Example Use Case: Content Personalization
Feed call and call conversion data to Adobe Analytics for segmentation and
publish the segments to Adobe Target. The next time the visitor arrives at the
website, use the call-powered segments to show personalized content. For
example, if a first time home buyer calls about a mortgage, when the first time
buyer visits your website later, show images, articles, and calls-to-action related
to their new mortgage inquiry.
Example Use Case: Personalized Call Routing
Before the call is placed and in real-time, check to see if the visitor belongs to
segments in Adobe Audience Manager. If the caller is in a high intent segment
that is a strong indication they are ready to buy, route the caller to a priority
queue where the caller will bypass the IVR queue and connect directly to a
qualified agent.

Example Use Case: Ad Targeting
Use call-powered segments to re-target or suppress ads based on phone
conversations and call outcomes. If a consumer ends up purchasing over the
phone, the last thing you want to do is spend money to retarget them with a
discount for the product they just bought because your online metrics show a
fallout. Base targeting on more complete online and offline data to deliver optimal
experiences for both the consumer and your business.
  • Easily implement the Invoca Tag across websites with Invoca’s Extension in Adobe Launch.


Table of contents

Ready to get started? This series of articles will help you connect Invoca to each of your Adobe products:

  1. Integration overview (You are here)
  2. Invoca for Adobe Analytics
  3. Invoca for Adobe Audience Manager
  4. Invoca for Adobe Advertising Cloud
  5. Invoca for Adobe Target
  6. Invoca for Adobe Launch
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