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Invoca for Salesforce® Marketing Cloud is the only solution to deliver full visibility into calls from email.

The Problem 

Tracking calls driven from email messages presents challenges.

The first challenge has to do with monitoring the performance of an email campaign. In order to understand the number of calls driven from a specific email campaign, marketers have taken two approaches:

  • Get a phone number for each email. The phone number has a one-to-one relationship with the email campaign, so any calls to the phone number can be traced back to the email message. This is a manual and time consuming effort.
  • Remove phone numbers from email messages and encourage a click-through to the landing page, where call tracking is facilitated through JavaScript and unique phone numbers. This forces another click before your customer can reach your business.

Another challenge has to do with tracking the call back to the Contact. This jump from online to phone call creates a blind spot, limiting the behavioral data you have when creating personalized messaging and interactions in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The Solution

Invoca provides an easier way. Customers implement a simple code snippet in the HTML of their emails to get visibility into the effectiveness of email offers, subject lines, copy, graphics, targeting, and more. Plus, you’ll be able to track the inbound call back to the Contact and leverage call data in your personalized messaging and interactions.

  • Scalably serve dynamic phone numbers in email messages to capture recipient-specific information.
  • Easily attribute inbound calls to email campaigns.
  • Enhance the behavioral data tracked back to a Contact with call intelligence and leverage in Audience Builder and Journey Builder to segment and deliver personalized engagements.

If you are an Invoca customer and would like to learn more, please visit Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Integration Details 

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