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Share your AI predictions FOR A GREAT CAUSE!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Share your thoughts for a great cause! Invoca has been the leader in conversation intelligence AI since Signal AI was launched in 2017. With the release of the new Signal AI suite, we’ve pulled even further ahead of the pack. We want to hear from YOU!

1. How will you use Signal AI to impact your marketing/Contact Center strategy in 2024?

2. What disadvantages could businesses face if they don't increase their use of AI in digital marketing/in the contact center in the next year?

3. What do you think will be the biggest barriers to adopting new AI tools in the coming year?

PLEASE NOTE: You will be credited for your responses in Invoca blogs and on our social media accounts in our 2024 Predictions Campaign. 

Post your response in the thread below and we will donate $30 in your name to One Simple Wish, an incredible non-profit that provides necessities and holiday gifts for children in foster care!

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How will you use Signal AI to impact your marketing/Contact Center strategy in 2024? 

The Kinetic by Windstream digital sales team will leverage Signal AI to systematically summarize each interaction between our sales representatives and customers. Not only will it save precious call handle time, but this technology allows us to extract critical insights from these summaries, which in turn, drives strategic decision-making and positively impacts business outcomes. These are invaluable observations that sales receives daily that should be shared with the marketing team to be embedded into acquisition messaging and strategy.

I'm optimistic that this cyclical cycle will generate the momentum we need to take our company to the next level in 2024.  

Music to our ears, @RenzClark! Thank you so much for your contribution and for sharing a piece of your strategy!  

Community Members: Wanna read more about Kinetic by Windstream and their Invoca strategies, check out their impressive case study! CLICK HERE

@RenzClark  - You are spot on Call Summaries are a great use of AI. And one of the Use Cases that we have spoken to your team about it is empowering your sales agents to gain immediate feedback on their calls. Your best agents are always seeking to understand what they can do better. Call Summaries will be a valuable tool in putting data into the hands that can best use the information. When the agent wins, everybody wins!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you, @cass713, for sharing your insights with us; very well said! 

2. Some disadvantages that companies could face if they don't implement AI within the next year could be just being a little bit behind in the race. I'll put it like that. This is kind of the new wave when you talk about technology. And I think that it's not just people who are looking at it as if it's going to replace associates, but it really kind of enhances and opens your eyes up even more to the data that's at your fingertips."