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Invoca's Contact Center "Book Club"


Hello Invoca Community Superstars!

🌟 Welcome to the hub for contact center industry content! 🌟

We know you're the unsung heroes, the maestros of customer interaction, and the wizards behind the scenes making every call count. As we embark on this exciting journey together, we thought it's high time we pool our collective wisdom and create the ultimate repository of industry knowledge sharing what to read, who to listen to (outside this group), and even where to go.

🤔🤔🤔 Ever wondered where your peers find the juiciest insights, trends, and hacks in the contact center universe? Look no further! We want YOU to share your go-to content sources that keep you ahead of the game.

🌐 How to Contribute:

  1. Reply to this thread with the name or link of your favorite go-to sources, such as:
    1. Professional Organizations
    2. Newsletters
    3. Events
    4. Podcasts
    5. YouTube Channels
    6. Influencers
    7. Reddit channels

  2. Upvote the gems already shared by your fellow community members.

Let's turn this thread into a bustling hub of knowledge, a virtual haven for the curious minds navigating the contact center cosmos.

Ready, set, share! 🌐🚀