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Community Manager
Community Manager

We are excited to announce the availability of Invoca Labs! It’s now live in Invoca accounts with either our Auto QA Module or our top-tiered Signal AI add-on.

What Is Invoca Labs?

Invoca Labs gives customers early access to AI innovations so they can not only benefit from the data, but also provide feedback to shape those features before they are added to the Invoca Signal AI suite. 

How Should I Use Invoca Labs Features?

  1. Experiment with the data and insights each Labs feature provides – they may be early-stage innovations, but they are still very powerful!
  2. Provide feedback – Tell us things like what do you like or dislike, what do you wish it did differently, what are you using it to do now, and what you wish you could use it to do in the future. 

Invoca Labs Feature: Topic Explorer

Topic Explorer uses machine learning to analyze thousands of randomly chosen calls from your account over the last year to visualize the subjects, topics, and sub-topics in an easy-to-digest and interactive sunburst chart. 

You can tell Topic Explorer what types of calls you want it to focus on using the search bar or click on topics in the sunburst to refocus the view. You can also see a GPT summary of what each topic is and review snippets of actual call transcripts for more insights.

Some Ways Marketers Can Use Topic Explorer 

  1. See what topics callers are discussing when they call about different products or services to find new ideas for how to improve your marketing messaging and content.
  2. Identify when unanticipated topics are discussed on sales-related or support-related calls to see if there is an issue with your messaging, campaigns, or website content you want to correct.

Some Ways Contact Center and Location Managers Can Use Topic Explorer 

  1. Compare topics on calls to identify ways to improve the call scripts and playbooks your agents and locations use to convert callers.
  2. Identify when unanticipated topics are discussed on different types of calls to surface new coaching opportunities.
  3. Understand when your sales or support agents are addressing topics they shouldn’t be. 

Invoca Labs Feature: GPT Call Analysis

Get the power of generative AI inside Invoca! With GPT Call Analysis, you can run searches for any topic to view a list of calls where it was discussed. Then click on any call to view a GPT summary of the conversation and a list of pre-set prompts asking generative AI for more insights. 

You can also interact with your own  in-platform generative AI-powered assistant to get the answers, recommendations, and content you need from each call. 

Some Ways Marketers Can Use GPT Call Analysis 

  1. Get a summary of the call for a fast review of what the call was about and how it went.
  2. Ask GPT for different ways to use this call to improve your marketing, such as what the caller’s pain points are, what are the next steps to convert this caller, write an ad or blog that would attract more callers like this, and provide a list of search keywords from this call to optimize for.

Some Ways Contact Centers and Location Managers Can Use GPT Call Analysis 

  1. Get a summary of the call for a fast review of what the call was about, its outcome, and how well the agent handled it.
  2. Ask GPT to tell you ways the agent could improve for your next coaching session, if the agent answered all the callers questions, what the next steps should be for the caller, and more.

Watch This Short Video to Learn More