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Every time some reporting data about a phone call changes in your Invoca account, your Invoca account logs it as a Transaction, viewable in your Transactions Details Report. These changes could occur either when the phone call itself takes place, or when call or Signal data is later corrected — which we call a "post-call event." Additionally, some legacy reporting data might include separate transactions for individual Signals or Reported Conversions.
Phone calls can result in more than one transaction. For example, one call that goes through a Bundled Campaign to a Destination Campaign will have two "call" transactions. Likewise, a call that is later amended with conversions via Signal file upload  will result in two transactions — a call and a post-call event — which both reference the same Call Record ID.

To explore further, check out your Transactions Details report. Here, each transaction that occurs in your Invoca account is tagged with a unique Transaction ID.
Screen Shot 2022-02-12 at 2.11.16 PM.png
Inside your Transactions Details report, you can click the Call Record ID of any transaction to see if any other transactions affected that same phone call.

Screen Shot 2022-02-12 at 2.10.44 PM.png

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