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Invoca is the industry’s leading call tracking and analytics solution, helping marketers attribute inbound calls to digital campaigns. Google Analytics is a web analytics system for marketers, making it easy to better understand how customers are engaging with marketing campaigns, products, and content on websites and apps.

This is the first article in a series that will teach you everything you need to know to set up, support, and succeed with the Invoca for Google Analytics integration, including: 

  • What’s possible with the integration
  • Step-by-step directions to install your integration
  • Help for marketers using the integration to view Invoca data in Google Analytics reports, and target new audience lists
  • FAQs and troubleshooting support


Why choose Invoca for Google Analytics? 

Using these two products together, Invoca for Google Analytics offers a complete view of the inbound call activity driven by your marketing efforts using Google’s Measurement Protocol. With this integration, you can:

  • Report Invoca phone calls and Signals to Google Analytics as events to get a unified view of your campaign performance and website activity.
  • Understand which marketing campaigns and pages are driving each type of call or Signal in Google Analytics reports.
  • Use your Invoca data to build Google Analytics audiences, then use those audiences in Google Ads. With the premium version of Google Analytics (GA360), share the audiences with Display & Video 360 for better targeting in your programmatic ad buying.


Why are there two Invoca for Google Analytics integrations?

Your Invoca account can integrate with two different versions of Google Analytics — Google Analytics 4.0, which is more current, and the legacy product Google Universal Analytics. The Invoca integration connect app you install should match the version of Google Analytics your organization uses.

If you haven't yet installed your Invoca for Google Analytics integration yet, we strongly recommend you upgrade your Google Analytics account to version 4.0 before installing this integration! We will still continue to support integrations with Google Universal Analytics for the time being, but Google has announced that their support for this legacy version is limited, and all users will be required to upgrade at some point. For the best service and access to a more robust feature set, we recommend that you get ahead of things and upgrade right away to get access to a more robust feature set and better support, as well as to make for an easier migration later on.

Follow Google's migration guide for instructions on upgrading from Google Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4.0. To better understand the benefits of upgrading, see Google's article [UA→GA4] Comparing metrics: Google Analytics 4 vs Universal Analytics

Ready to get started with your Invoca for Google Analytics integration? Here are the rest of the articles in this series. Please note that to access these articles, you must be logged in to your Invoca account!

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  3. Google Universal Analytics: Installation guide 
  4. Invoca for Google Analytics: Using your integration 
  5. Invoca for Google Analytics: FAQs and troubleshooting 
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