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The Invoca platform can support US, Canada, and UK in varying capacities, both for routing phone calls and for language support. However, complex telecom laws within and between countries can add additional geographical considerations to be aware of in your phone call routing and treatment. 


Invoca supports phone calls from anywhere in the world, but not all telecom carriers in all parts of the world will connect calls to a US toll free or local number. Invoca supports routing calls to any continental US or Canadian toll-free or local destination specified in the campaign call treatment. Hawaii and Alaska destinations are also available — contact your Account Executive for more information. 

You can only use your Invoca account to generate trackable toll-free or local numbers within your region. The standard North American Invoca platform can generate trackable US and Canadian toll free or local numbers (when available). Likewise, a UK-based Invoca platform can generate trackable UK toll free or local numbers, including all of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Language Support

Invoca call treatment prompts can be either English, French (Canadian), or Spanish (Mexican). 

Signal AI, our powerful machine-learning tool for gathering and acting on your call intelligence in real-time, fully supports English (US). Additionally, we offer beta support for English (UK), Spanish (Spain), and French (France).

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