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This new feature uses AI voice biometric technology to capture agent data on every call. It creates a “voiceprint” of each call center agent’s voice that acts as a unique identifier with ~95% accuracy...

Google Ads Integrated at Both Network and Profile Level

Invoca's Google Ads (GA) integration can now be enabled at both the Network and Profile levels to better support multi-location/franchise business types...

Reminder: Deprecation of Attribution Models for GA4 and Google Ads

Google has announced the deprecation of four of their attribution models> first click, linear, time decay and position-based. Here is the timeline...

Call Routing Transparency

Ever wonder why a caller hung up or what their IVR path was prior to being connected to a live person? This new feature in the Call Detail page displays the IVR path of each call...

Invoca Reports Update: Better, Stronger, Faster

Three reports are now running on Invoca's new reporting engine and delivering significantly faster results: Call by Time of Day, Calls by Day of the Week, and the Custom Summary Report.

More Voices and Choices for Your IVR

We have expanded from one voice option (US English with “Julie”) to several additional voice options for English, French Canadian and Spanish. Here are some additional details...

Streamlined Dashboard Navigation

The main dashboard navigation on the left has been updated as well as the "Actions" dropdown in the upper right of the dashboard itself. Here's what's new...

Dashboard Export and Sharing

You now have the ability to export any dashboard as a PDF file and send it to the email on file in your Invoca platform login. From there, you can forward the PDF to anyone!

Streamlined Number Management

You now have the ability to import, export, and edit the numbers you’d like Invoca to track. You can even exclude whole groups of numbers from tracking at the URL level...

Guest Access for Invoca Reports

Sure you can tell someone about the incredible insights in a Calls report but it's so much more impactful to show them. ..