Invoca Basics

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Welcome to Invoca Basics!

1. How Invoca Works

(est time: 3 min)

A high-level overview of core functionality of Invoca for Marketing.

Platform Overview

2. Platform Overview

(est time 5 min)

Review core objects and where they live in your Invoca platform.

Managing the Invoca Tag

3. Manage the Invoca Tag

(est time: 7 min)

Review the Invoca tag and ongoing management best practices

Attribution reporting through marketing data

4. Attribution Reporting through Marketing Data

(est time: 6 min)

Learn how attribution is captured and reported.

Manage call treatments with Invoca

5. Manage Call Treatments with Invoca

(est time: 6 min)

Learn about new options for configuring call routing and recording.

Dynamic number overview

6. Dynamic Number Overview

(est time: 5 min)

Learn how calls placed to your website are reported using dynamic numbers.

Offline channel tracking using direct promo numbers

7. Offline Channel Tracking

(est time: 5 min)

Manage offline channel tracking using Direct Promo Numbers.

How are Invoca tracking numbers counted in my contract?

8. Unpack Number Usage Terms

(est time 3 min)

Dig into how number usage is reflected in your contract and how to see this data in your platform.

Report call outcomes with Invoca signals

9. Report Call Outcomes with Invoca Signals

(est time: 10 min)

Learn how to use signals to report important call outcomes and share that data with your downstream reporting platforms like Google Ads.

Data sharing with integrations like Google Ads

10. Data Sharing with Integrations like Google Ads

(est time: 12 min)

Learn more about Invoca’s no-code integration library and how to set up Google Call Extensions and Google My Business.

Build customized dashboards for better data analysis

11. Build Customized Dashboards for Better Data Analysis

(est time: 9 min)

Review Invoca dashboards and learn how to build customized dashboards that you can share with other users in your network.

Invoca's reporting suite and automation tools

12. Dig into Invoca’s Reporting Suite & Automation Tools

(est time: 13 min)

Dig into the 3 most commonly used reports and automation tools that will keep Invoca reporting right at your fingertips.