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Meet some of our current Conversation Intelligence Heroes

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Lorenzo Clark

National VP Consumer Sales, Windstream

“With Invoca, we can tie our marketing to a purchase, and that visibility lets us optimize our marketing spend and campaign performance. If we find a campaign isn’t meeting expectations, we can shift dollars to higher-performing campaigns and drive higher lead quality.”

Amanda Sloan

Director of Marketing, Acadia Healthcare

"[My advice for younger marketers is to] intentionally learn about all of the new tools, platforms, and specialty areas as they enter the marketing arena and be open to evolving!"

Matteo Togni

Senior Manager of Digital Product at Autonation

“Invoca has been a reliable partner at every phase of the journey. We’ve had great experiences with everyone from the sales to the customer success to the executive team. I’m excited to continue our partnership and take AutoNation’s customer experience to the next level.”

Noah Brooks

Noah Brooks

Manager, Digital Engagement and Analytics, University Hospitals

"Sharing my successes at speaking opportunities has also helped me build relationships with other Invoca customers. We’ll bounce ideas off of each other all the time. It’s been really great for keeping us ahead of the curve."

Janis Jarosz

VP, Marketing, Christian Brothers Automotive

"Our franchise has hundreds of auto repair shops that rely on inbound calls to drive appointments. Providing callers with great experiences is critical to our success, and the centralized analytics Invoca provides on missed calls and location call handling performance has been an eye-opener...."

Mark Loovis

Director of Marketing Technology, DIRECTV

"Invoca has become a critical part of our tech stack. It’s given us full visibility into the call channel and significantly reduced our cost per acquisition. And we’re just scratching the surface of what it can do."

Christina Rosa

VP Marketing, Moneysolver

"Invoca’s Google Ads integration has been really beneficial for our marketing team. Google knows how to optimize for high-performing phone leads because it gets attribution data from Invoca right away. This has helped us increase our return on ad spend by 30%."

Jeff Arduino

National Director of Sales, Spectrum Retirement

“With Invoca's automated call QA, we can let the machine learning do the work and identify our agents’ strengths and areas for improvement. Rather than searching for the data, we get it at our fingertips in real time. It’s a huge time-saver and it changed the game for how we QA calls & coach agents.”

Karma Dunnell

VP of Contact Center Operations, Alpaca Audiology

"Invoca has taken our business to the next level with its deep analytics about our contact center the quality of leads we're driving."

Chris Pace

Chief Digital Marketing Officer, Banner Health

"Invoca has been a game-changer for our team. It allows us to maximize one of our most valuable resources — our marketing dollars. With insights from Invoca, we decreased our patient acquisition cost by 74%. We also significantly increased our contribution to our total book of business.".

Christen Castellano

SVP Business Ops, Banner Health

"The magic of Invoca is in marrying the data with emotion. Invoca’s data helps us create more empathetic experiences for our patients, so we can respond with compassion throughout the journey."

Alyssa Hermosillo

Inside Sales Supervisor, Bay Alarm Medical

"Invoca gives us a detailed snapshot of how our in-office and remote sales agents are performing. It's helped us adapt to a hybrid work environment."

Tori Reavis

Program Manager, Physicians Mutual Insurance

"Invoca has been instrumental in helping us improve our marketing ROI. Its call attribution data has helped us increase our conversion rate while reducing our cost per acquisition."

Mark Roblez

Director, Call Center Operations, Moneysolver

"Invoca has been a game-changer for our team. It allows us to maximize one of our most valuable resources — our marketing dollars. With insights from Invoca, we decreased our patient acquisition cost by 74%. We also significantly increased our contribution to our total book of business.".

Brian Todd

Senior Business analyst, BBQ Guys

"Though we’re an eCommerce business, the call-in experience is vital for our brand. It’s our differentiator — it gives us a chance to make a genuine connection with our customers and give them expert grilling advice. Invoca has helped us take the call experience to the next level. It’s now easier than ever for customers."

Tim Mogler

Sr. Account Manager, Mutual of Omaha

"Invoca gives us a shared set of metrics for our marketing and call center teams. This creates deeper collaboration and helps us better align to make our customers happy."

Lee Mathis

Technology Manager, Windstream

"Invoca gave us the opportunity to listen to 100% of calls, that was the opportunity that we were trying to solve for versus just having one to 2% scored. Secondly, it gives us the opportunity to see trends and allows us to see what some of our best agents are doing ..."

Tyner Williams

Marketing Manager, Renewal by Andersen

"Invoca has given us a complete picture of agent performance — we were missing so much data before. Now, I can see if an agent is great at gathering all the right contact information and sticking to the agenda, but they need a little improvement..."

Taylor Pawley

Director, Marketing, Rick's Custom Fencing and Decking

"Our sales managers don’t have time to sit down and listen to a bunch of calls. Invoca helps them quickly pinpoint each agent’s strengths and weaknesses. It also helps them find coachable moments in the call recordings and transcriptions. This has had a huge impact on agent performance."

Frank McGinn

Digital Marketing Specialist, Viasat

"Invoca allows us to be more efficient and place our spend in the campaigns and tactics that are driving sales. Previously, we only really had insights into calls, but the conversion Signals helped to close that loop and bridge the online-to-offline gap."

Kevin King

Director of Digital Marketing, Christian Brothers Automotive

“With Invoca, we can attribute all of our revenue driven from phone calls back to the original source channel. We use that data to optimize our digital marketing campaigns. This helps us make the most of our marketing budget and it has significantly increased our ROI."

Melissa Kolbe

Director, RingCentral

“[By] adding Invoca to our website, we're able to capture all of our digital channel marketing. We have a bidirectional sync with Salesforce, our CRM... not only are we getting call data into salesforce for our reps, but we're also getting the outcome of the call data back into Invoca."

John Odom

Sr. Consultant Digital Marketing, BJC Healthcare

"BJC Healthcare use conversation intelligence to identify gaps in the customer experience. Insights from Invoca uncovered common questions callers were asking that the chatbots were not able to address. They were then able to give their chatbots the answers to these questions so that customers didn’t..."

Melinda Russell

Director, Digital Marketing, Windstream

"Prior to using Invoca, we really had no visibility into which tactics and messages were successful at driving traffic. That made optimizing our campaigns virtually impossible. Now, we utilize Invoca insights to inform our media mix and our spend into high-performing channels."

Bryan Huber

Worldwide VP, Digital Marketing, Comfort Keepers

"Thanks to Invoca’s AI and call tracking data, we are driving more sales opportunities and caregivers to our franchisee network. It’s been transformative to our business."

Amber Welch

VP Digital Marketing and Platforms, Ochsner Health

"Our teams are constantly looking at Invoca's data together. Not only does it help us improve our marketing performance, but it also informs our overall strategy."

Patrick Worden

Director Digital Marketing, Pearson Education

"With Invoca, we can see how many people called us from each campaign, if they were new or existing customers, and if they converted. It's been huge for helping us optimize our marketing spend."

Ryan Beagan

Sr. VP Marketing Communications, Acadia Healthcare

"We were immediately impressed that Invoca was thinking the same way that we were and that they had solved problems that we need to solve, and going a step further in tackling it at a multi-billion enterprise level—like us."

Amie Spellman

Director of Digital Marketing, Altria Senior Living

"Invoca tracks the quality of phone leads we're driving from our paid marketing channels — not just the quantity."

Sam Fitzgerald

Sr. Manager, Integrated Media, Aspen Dental

"Invoca helps us understand what's happening from the top of our funnel all the way to the bottom. It allows us to be as efficient as possible with our marketing dollars."

Dennis Haupt

Digital Marketing Manager, ATI

“Invoca helps us calculate our ROAS far more accurately than we could before. Now, we can confidently say that for every dollar we spend, we bring X amount back to the organization."

Alex Balasis

Marketing Analyst, Renewal by Andersen

"Invoca is an invaluable tool for our business. It’s helped us spend smarter and save tens of thousands of marketing dollars on customer acquisition."

Dawn Hepper

Director, Retail Marketing, Starkey Hearing Technologies

"At the end of the day, when you're looking at a patient journey that could last anywhere from 5-7 years, it's important to understand that every channel has a role and to maximize the impact of every single one of them."

Christina Pfaff

Data Analyst, Marketing, Spectrum Retirement Communities

"Spectrum Retirement uses conversation intelligence to proactively communicate with customers during the pandemic and to improve agent coaching."

Chris Erckert

Channel Director, BBQ Guys

"Invoca has been a game-changer for our team. It allows us to maximize one of our most valuable resources — our marketing dollars. With insights from Invoca, we decreased our patient acquisition cost by 74%. We also significantly increased our contribution to our total book of business."

Anna Jefferis-Lewis

President/COO, Intelsio

"To be able to say, "Hey, you know what? This call actually drove a purchase. Let's go find more of those. That really enables us to optimize and grow with partners, and help make the partner successful."

Jason Hazlewood

Marketing, Infinity Sales Group

"Not only was Invoca the only provider that could handle our call volumes — it was clear to us from the beginning that they were the market leader."

Ann Armstrong

Director, Marketing Technology, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

"Our marketing programs bring people to us who need help. We're in the treatment industry and our mission is all about helping people. That's where my heart is — getting people the treatment and resources they need to improve their lives. And that's what we do in marketing."

Collin Jarman

Manger, Web Traffic, Mercury Healthcare

“We want to go beyond just driving phone calls — we want to optimize our marketing to drive meaningful conversations. And Invoca has the tools to help us do that."

Jordan Yospe

Lead Marketing Analyst, ThomasArts

“Invoca helps us drive amazing results for our clients. It allows us to route their phone leads more efficiently, resulting in more conversions."

John Barnes

Director of Marketing, Omni Fiber

"The onboarding and customer success support is the best I've ever experienced with any platform in a marketing tech stack. I've now implemented Invoca at two different companies, and in addition to the great technology, it's backed by superior support."

Aaron Pierce

VP Marketing, Windstream

"We’re a better marketing organization because we have a strong partnership with sales,” said Aaron Pierce, vice president of marketing at Windstream. “Our teams have realized that we make each other better — I think that’s the biggest win..."

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