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Promo numbers — or phone numbers tied to your Invoca account — can be a limited and precious resource for your business. That’s why most Invoca accounts automatically manage the quantity of promo numbers in your RingPools™ using a feature called auto-scaling. Auto-scaling can both automatically add numbers to your RingPools to ensure you receive better call attribution and intelligence, as well as automatically remove promo numbers to make sure you don’t get billed for unused numbers.

Whenever a consumer visits one of your landing pages, Invoca displays a unique promo number from your RingPool to that visitor. However, if your landing pages receive enough visitors quickly enough to use up all the promo numbers in your RingPool, two things will happen:

First, instead of seeing a unique promo number, your customer will be shown a different phone number, according to your settings (we’ll show you how to configure those settings below). You can choose to show an overflow phone number — a backup Invoca promo number that will still track your phone calls and transfer to your call center, but it won’t be able to collect the personalized call intelligence insights that your dynamic promo numbers can capture. Or, you can simply show the original destination phone number, and neither track your phone call nor receive individual caller attribution data.

Second, auto-scaling — if enabled — will automatically trigger in your Invoca account and add more promo numbers to your RingPool. These new promo numbers will be shown to subsequent visitors on your landing page instead of the overflow number, even if your visitor doesn't end up calling that phone number.

Auto-scaling can help you manage your RingPools by automatically removing numbers as well. At the end of every month, auto-scaling will remove all unused promo numbers in your RingPool before your next billing cycle begins.

How do I enable auto-scaling in my Invoca account?

Auto-scaling is enabled for most Invoca accounts, including all new accounts. To find out if your RingPools are set up for auto-scaling, contact your Invoca Account Manager, or get a Super user on your Invoca account to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Invoca. In sidebar menu, click Settings.
  2. In the Network section, if you see RingPool Auto-Scaling, this feature is enabled in your account. Click RingPool Auto-Scaling to edit settings for your feature.
  3. Here you can enable auto-scaling for each new RingPool you create, as well as choose whether those RingPools include an overflow number, as described above.

If you don’t see the Auto-Scaling option in your gear menu and you want auto-scaling enabled for your Invoca account, click the Contact Support button at the bottom of this article to get in touch with our friendly Customer Success team.


Why am I still receiving overflow calls if my RingPools are increasing automatically?
By default, auto-scaling only adds one new promo number to your RingPool every five minutes. If you’re experiencing an unusual rush of web traffic, it may take several minutes before your RingPool reaches its appropriate size.

Why are my RingPools increasing if I didn’t receive any overflow calls?
Auto-scaling takes effect when an overflow phone number is presented on your landing page, regardless of whether it’s called or not. So, if your overflow number is presented to a consumer who doesn’t call it, auto-scaling would still grow your RingPools. This is done to efficiently maximize the number of consumers who are assigned unique promo numbers — and maximize your call intelligence.

Does auto-scaling work with local phone numbers?
Yes! If you have a local number RingPool, auto-scaling tries to grow the RingPool with a phone number from the same location first. If there are no local numbers available, auto-scaling will add a toll-free number to your RingPool instead.

Can I enable auto-scaling only for some campaigns?
Yes. To enable auto-scaling for only some campaigns or destination numbers, follow the steps in the "How do I enable auto-scaling in my account" section above. Those menus provide options for selecting auto-scaling for only certain campaigns or destination phone numbers.

How does auto-scaling remove unused promo numbers from my RingPool?
On the last day of each month, auto-scaling checks your RingPools for any promo numbers that weren’t used, then removes those numbers so you won’t get billed for those numbers in the following month. A promo number is considered unused if it hasn’t been presented to a consumer in the past 5 days, or called in the past 10 days. If your RingPool has presented an overflow number in the past 30 days, that RingPool does not scale down at all. Auto-scaling will not remove more than 20% of the promo numbers in any RingPool per month.


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