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Uploading a Custom Target Region For a Campaign  
Enter custom Area Codes or Zip Codes in an excel file, and save as a .csv, .xlsx, or .xls. 

Important Note: File formatting is strict and you cannot mix and match Zip Code, NPA, or NPA/NXX information in the same file.

Template Check
When you would like to upload custom target regions to your campaign(s), check the submitted template for the following:

1. No hidden columns or rows.

2. No additional columns, other than the 'Zip' column.

Important Note: Make sure that the column format is "Text" or "Plain Text" so the leading 0s on Zip Codes are still intact. 

Save the file with the following naming convention: [Desired_Name_of_Region]_[Date].
Example: hvac_04051

Important Note: If you do not wish to show the advertiser name to your publishers, omit the advertiser name from the name of the saved template file.

1. From the network level, click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of your platform and select "Custom Region Uploads."

2: Enter the template name in the first box. 

3. Upload the saved file in the second field.

4. If you would like to replace the current “Target Regions” on a campaign, then you will select the checkbox for “Replace Current Regions” in the “Region Replacement” section. If just want to add to existing custom regions, don’t select this checkbox.

5. Enter the campaign URL you want to upload the custom region to and click Upload.

Campaign Review
An email confirmation is sent when the custom region processing is complete. Once received, review and set the changes live.

Additional Information
1. Custom Zip Codes template (attached)
2. Custom NPA-NXX template (First 6 Digits of a Phone Number) 

Sample data from Custom Zip Codes Template

Sample data from Custom NPA NXX Template

Whether supplied with NPA /NPA-NXX or Zip Codes, we display City/State in the platform for your custom regions. 

  • When Zip Codes are provided, the Area Code/Central Office Code (NPA-NXX) combinations covered by those Zip Codes are derived (Example: 805-565). The City/State associated with NPA-NXX combinations are displayed in the platform.

  • When supplied with Area Codes, any NPA-NXX combination (Example: 805-565) included in the area codes are used to derive a City/State, which appears in your custom region displayed in the platform.

Important Note: Make sure you remove any other regions in the campaign in order to restrict callers to the target region. For example, if you have “All US” as your main region, the campaign will continue to pay out and route callers as “In Region” despite the fact that you have set up one or more custom target regions. 

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