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When you're building a call treatment for your Invoca campaign , the node "Forward to Nearest Location" intelligently routes phone calls to your closest local branch. In order to use this option, though, you'll first need to follow these steps to define where those branches actually are.

Step 1: Fill out your Nearest Location spreadsheet

  1. Download our Nearest Location spreadsheet template.
  2. Open the template you just downloaded and clear the sample data.
  3. In each row, enter a different location you want to route calls to. Include data for each of the following columns:
    • name: Give a recognizable name to your location. This will show up in your Invoca reports.
    • destination_phone_number: The phone number at this location that you want to receive Invoca phone calls.
    • address_street_one: Line 1 of this location's street address.
    • address_city
    • address_state
    • address_postal_code
    • area_code: The area code (NANP) of your destination phone number.
    • child_campaign
  4. When you're finished, save the spreadsheet as a .csv file. 


Step 2: Send your completed spreadsheet to Invoca's Customer Success team

Click the Contact Support button at the bottom of this article to get in touch with our friendly Customer Success team to request the Forward to Nearest Location feature be enabled in your account. Include the following in your request:

  • Your name.
  • A link to the URL of the campaign you want to use with this feature.
  • The Nearest Location spreadsheet you completed in step 1 of this guide.

Once you send your ticket we'll get to work setting up your locations, and we'll send you an email when your request has been process. You'll be able to see your custom locations by accessing your campaign, then clicking View Custom Locations in the campaign's Call Treatment panel.

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