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If you use Invoca for performance marketing, you can combine several campaigns to route calls between different publishers and offers using a feature we call Bundled campaigns. Bundled campaigns are a great way to centralize your marketing efforts by pre-qualifying and intelligently routing calls to the best qualified destination based on available hours, the region of your caller, payout and commission potential, and more.
For example, you may have three campaigns that have different hours in which they accept calls. If a call comes in at 9 AM, the call will be routed to the correct campaign.

This same routing logic applies to campaigns with different regions. Bundled campaigns' host their own call treatment options, making them a powerful tool for intelligent call routing.

See our article Create Bundled Advertiser and Create a bundled campaign to get started. For additional bundling options, see Bundled Campaign: Select Transfer Destination from BundleBundled Campaign: Pricing Types. To troubleshoot your bundled campaigns, check out Why wasn’t my bundled phone call paid out correctly?Why wasn't my phone call included in the desired bundled destination campaign?  and Why does my bundled phone call show different durations in different reports? 

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