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If you use Invoca for performance marketing, you often have more than one Publisher accepted for one of your Invoca campaigns. By default, phone calls from any of those publishers in that campaign will earn the same payout commission. However, you can customize the amount each Publisher receives to meet a publisher's terms or reward higher-converting landing pages. Here's how:

  1. Log in to your Invoca account as an Advertiser user, or as a Network user and then access the Advertiser dashboard  that hosts the campaign you want to customize.
  2. In your sidebar menu, click Campaigns, then Manage Publisher campaigns.
  3. In your list of campaigns, find the publisher and campaign for which you want to change payout terms. Then in the Actions column, click the menu button, then select Customize.
    Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 3.46.10 PM.png
  4. In the Pricing section, enter the conditions you require for any payout and bonuses you want to offer, as well as the amounts of those commissions. For more information about how to build payout and bonus conditions, see our article Create a Publisher Promotion. When you're finished, click Save.

That's it! Your publisher will now receive an email notifying them of their new payout terms.

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