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More Congrats to Invoca Summit Winners!


Please join me in congratulating the following organizations and individuals for winning a Summit Award today!

Congratulations @RenzClark @luluvargas and the entire Windstream team for having the Best Use of Conversation Intelligence in a Contact Center!

The team to win this award maximized their use of conversation intelligence with the Invoca for Contact Center solution to not only improve operational efficiencies, but also the customer and employee experience. Windstream has done this in spades, because they were able to increase overall sales call quality and agent performance to continuously improve and personalize their customer’s experience. This has led to a 40% increase in average revenue per sales call, 27% decrease in calls where the agent failed to overcome caller hesitation, and a 5% increase in script and sales process adherence.  These are some impressive results!



Huge congratulations to @mloovis and the whole team at DIRECTV for having the Best Cross-Channel CX Strategy! 

The team that gets recognized for this award, makes pivotal changes in their customers’ experience and demonstrates excellence in using conversation intelligence to increase ROI, improve customer acquisition rates, and create better customer experiences. DIRECTV has done just that; by getting an omnichannel view into the buying journey, they are able to detect and correct issues early on. Utilizing a dynamic IVR, they have improved the customer experience for over 250k callers each month by effectively routing calls and arming agents with valuable information about the caller, reducing call ties and improving agent close rates.