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Congratulations to Invoca Summit Winners!


Invoca Community, I am overjoyed to share with you the winners of this year’s Invoca Summit awards! If you were watching Summit just now, you probably just saw the first 3 award categories. Please join me in congratulating the following organizations and individuals:

Patrick Worden, Raymond Ottinot and the entire Pearson Education team for winning Rookie of the Year

This award is given to a customer who’s been live on Invoca for less than a year and has realized measurable and meaningful impact. The Pearson team has embodied this as they expanded their use rapidly and have fully  leveraged Invoca to better understand their customers' needs and pathways. By importing Invoca data into bidding tools, they are also optimizing spend to spot trends at a macro and micro level which provides insights and guidance across the organization.



Huge congratulations to @Regan_Sweeney and the entire Robert Half team for winning Visionary of the Year. 

The Visionary of the Year award goes to a customer that makes the most of their investment through a strong vision, but more importantly their ability to execute on it. They demonstrate how to fully use Invoca technology in new and innovative ways to exceed business objectives and drive transformational growth in their businesses. These visionaries continually inspire our platform and product teams to make improvements that impact the broader Invoca community. The Robert Half team does just that with their extensive lookup tables, which they use to improve their customers’ experience. They have such an impressive use of their IVR, that they have even advised the Invoca team on routing functionality based on their input and experience!



And Chris Pace from Banner Health for being named Thought Leader of the Year!

The Thought Leader of the Year is a customer who speaks publicly about their expertise and the innovative ways in which they are using conversation intelligence to drive value and business results. We had amazing finalists in this category, but this winner really stood out as one of the first customers to upgrade from DialogTech to Invoca. Banner Health has fully embraced Invoca, and as a thought leader Chris Pace has fully extended himself as a true partner to Invoca and a knowledgeable resource by participating in multiple webinars. He even hosted a user group for customers who are making the DT upgrade journey. 





Community Manager
Community Manager

Very excited for these winners! And a huge kudos to all finalists and everyone who was nominated! We have some seriously innovative customers.