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Consumer expectations are higher than ever when engaging with brands. Today's customers want personalized, omnichannel experiences and swift resolutions to their inquiries. This means sales and marketing teams must work cohesively to deliver consistent messaging and optimal customer experiences.


Call scoring provides actionable insights to help sales and contact center teams improve performance. In a recent Invoca customer user group, experts from US Bank, Windstream Communications, and Invoca discussed best practices for leveraging call scoring to boost results. This article recaps the main takeaways from the informative session.


Leveraging Call Analytics to Improve Cross-Functional Collaboration

A key benefit of call analytics is breaking down silos between sales and marketing departments. When both teams can access call transcripts and data, the finger pointing stops.


A major benefit of call scoring is cross-departmental alignment. As Lee Mathis of Windstream explained, “Invoca for Contact Center creates symmetry between marketing and sales.” By analyzing call data, teams can ensure messaging and scripts are consistent across channels. Marketers also get feedback on campaign resonance. As Mathis stated, “We’re able to give marketing a return picture” to optimize spend. 


Melissa Reilly of US Bank agreed that call scoring provides visibility to fix processes. She gave an example of discovering calls that weren’t reaching salespeople, which led them to address key routing issues. Overall, call scoring eliminates finger-pointing between teams. As Reilly summarized, having shared data shows “neither one is to blame” and “everybody can fix the situation.”


Mathis added that biweekly meetings with Invoca foster collaboration. "The good thing about Invoca, they bring us together once every two weeks. We’re able to go in and kinda explain to them what we would like to accomplish with marketing, with sales being on that same call. We can all be on the same page."


Using Conversation Intelligence to Optimize Processes

User group participants also discussed how they leverage Invoca to continuously improve processes.


Transcripts and conversation analytics empower Windstream to tweak marketing campaigns based on call sentiment. As Mathis explained, “We’re able to give them sentiment back as well and tell them, hey, this is working. This is not working. This is why the customers are not buying. This is why the customers are buying. So spend a little more on generating ads for this topic, a little less on this topic.”


On the sales side, U.S. Bank uses conversation intelligence to quickly identify and fix issues impacting conversion rates. According to Riley, “We’ve been able to see where other failures are happening that aren’t necessary. Don’t point the finger at the person pointed out the process. We're getting some things fixed up.”


Using Scorecards to Motivate and Coach Agents

Scorecards were a hot topic during the meeting. Windstream Communications uses a combined scorecard with multiple signals that reflect key performance indicators (KPIs) for sales reps. As Mathis noted, this comprehensive card allows managers to watch for red flags.


“If someone calls in, we’re not just trying to sell them Internet, we’re trying to sell them additional products. Like when you're buying a car, you want to put the car mats in there, you want to put in nice rims and a radio, right? So we wanna do the same thing here.”


Meanwhile, Riley shared that scorecards help U.S. Bank monitor calls and identify coaching opportunities. Call transcripts make it easy for managers to quickly find examples to use during coaching sessions.


When discussing platform features, participants agreed call transcripts and scorecards are most vital for quality assurance. Melissa Reilly said US Bank’s QA team heavily utilizes transcripts to quickly search for themes. This aids in coaching and process refinement. Meanwhile, Lee Mathis relies on Invoca scorecards to optimize sales processes at Windstream. As he explained, scorecards help identify missed sales opportunities so high-performing agents can promptly call customers back.


Driving Adoption Through Coaching and Motivation

User group speakers agreed coaching and motivation are critical for driving adoption of conversation intelligence. Windstream Communications shares leaderboard dashboards to motivate high performance. U.S. Bank also uses dashboards for daily monitoring by managers.

As Mathis explained, “The agents are looking to see where their actual brand score ism and what they need to focus on, to make sure that they’re progressing and passing their peers in the rankings.”

Regarding driving adoption, Reilly emphasized constant communication and education, stating “adoption was probably our hardest part.” She advised one-on-one demos to showcase platform benefits. Mathis recommended early optimization of keywords and phrases in scoring to avoid misfires before broader rollout. He also praised Invoca’s customer service team for providing guidance.


Key Takeaways for Leveraging Call Analytics

Overall, the user group highlighted several best practices for utilizing call scoring to transform sales and contact center results. From optimizing cross-functional alignment to deriving data-driven insights, the benefits are immense. While adoption and integration take work, the long-term payoff is well worth the investment. Those considering call scoring solutions are encouraged to start with a targeted use case, lean on customer support, and let the platform data guide optimization. Call scoring delivers the visibility and intelligence needed to take customer experiences to new heights.


The user group highlighted several best practices for deploying conversation intelligence to bridge sales and marketing teams:

  • Foster collaboration through cross-functional meetings and call analytics access
  • Continuously optimize campaigns and processes based on call data
  • Use scorecards to monitor interactions and coach agents
  • Share dashboards and leaderboards to motivate adoption
  • Leverage call details like transcripts during coaching for impact

Attend Invoca’s next user group  to learn more ways call analytics can transform sales, marketing and customer experience, email to reserve your spot!