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The Invoca Signal User Group focused on how brands can leverage call intelligence Signals to optimize their marketing performance. Speakers from Invoca were joined by marketers from various companies to discuss strategies for implementing and maximizing the value of Signals.


Invoca Signals allow brands the ability to automatically flag key conversational events for targeted call audiences. This provides instant visibility into critical occurrences like sales opportunities, customer issues and agent performance. 


By extracting Signals from phone conversations and feeding them into platforms like Google Ads and Salesforce, brands can rapidly validate assumptions, personalize engagements and boost performance.


The user group discussion provided a blueprint for marketers to maximize value from vocals and surfaced several impactful use cases. Here are the key themes and highlights.

Using Signals to Validate Strategy, Track Campaigns and Qualify Leads

Signals allow marketers to connect phone calls directly back to their digital marketing campaigns. Mallory Sandberg from Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota shared how they utilized a competitor name Signal to identify prospects calling about a specific competitor's network coverage loss. This validated their assumption that customers would be reaching out, so they doubled down on paid search and social campaigns targeting related keywords in impacted counties.


By establishing that customers were indeed discussing the competitor network changes, BCBSMN could optimize spend in impacted regions. This ability to swiftly prove assumptions guides far more agile decision-making.


Signals can also help categorize and qualify leads. Benjamin Greene from Ensuren mentioned using call duration and disposition Signals from their dialer to determine lead quality. However, he noted that human error in agents selecting dispositions highlighted the need to combine these with Invoca's conversation Signals for added context.


Combining Signals with CRM Data for Powerful Insights


Several participants discussed using Signals beyond just campaign optimization. Kara Dupre from Southern Veterinary Partners noted they've started sending Invoca data to their CRM. This allows them to create targeted nurture streams in marketing automation based on the specific service mentioned in the call.


Southern Veterinary Partners also demonstrated how Signals deliver instant strategic feedback. By distinguishing between existing and new customers, they gained much sharper visibility into patient acquisition efforts.


Initially, Invoca’s AI Signals provided this categorization, but some accuracy gaps remained. By uploading a database of over 2 million known customer phone numbers, Southern Veterinary could validate predictions beyond a doubt. As Digital Operations Analyst Kara Dupré explained:


 “What we did is we were actually able to upload around 2,000,000 phone numbers of known existing customers into a data table and use logic to say if the AI Signal says it is existing, or if the phone number is in this database, then it's an existing customer.”


This enhanced accuracy was a game-changer for assessing the customer journey. Furthermore, as moderator Keith Jellick noted, it provides a model for marrying Invoca insights with CRM data for deeper intelligence.

Optimizing Marketing Performance with Signals

Personalizing Google Ads with Real-Time Conversation Data


Multiple attendees also detailed how they feed Signals into marketing platforms like Google Ads for greater personalization. BCBSMN touched on this, explaining how Signals inform smarter audience segmentation.


Other participants like Sunrise Senior Living shared how exclusion lists prevent wasting ad spend on existing customers. With real-time conversational data from Invoca, they can identify and suppress anyone already in their system.


According to Jellick, this common application of Signals also improves the customer experience: 


 “If you go in there and you're doing, you go through a pace ad, you click it, you dial it, you convert and then you need to come back for any reason. Oftentimes I still see that same ad. I love it when I don't see that same ad anymore, especially as a, you know, marketing technologist because that means that has not, that means that it's worked that you've informed Google that you're not using that.”

Streamlining Retargeting with Call Intelligence  


Signals further enable smarter audience segmentation for retargeting campaigns. As Southern Veterinary Partners described, they can identify prospects who express interest on certain services but don’t immediately convert.


By detecting specific conversation themes around services like pet boarding or vaccinations, they can then retarget those interested prospects across channels. This ensures messaging relevance even without a CRM integration.


Closing the Loop with Marketing Automation


Finally, participants explained how they feed Signals into marketing automation systems like Salesforce once CRM integrations are in place. This “closes the loop” by preventing irrelevant outreach based on call outcomes.


As Jellick emphasized, this can improve both performance and the customer experience:


 “You can start making decisions based off of that. But I think also importantly is you can say, okay, well, we know this all came in, we know converted let's stop sending them e-mail like we can put them on something completely different or at least stop, with the sales emails.”


Uncovering Unknown Unknowns

One of the most profound benefits of Invoca Signals is revealing unexpected insights that can drive major performance improvements. Solutions like conversation analytics make it possible to spot trends that previously went unseen.


Southern Veterinary Partners gave an excellent example where Signals surfaced a glaring missed opportunity. They discovered that in calls discussing services, staff often failed to offer related appointments. By monitoring both appointment-scheduling Signals and actual conversion events, they identified numerous leaks in the funnel. They could then update staff training to ensure appointments get offered proactively during service discussions. As Dupré noted:


> “The biggest problem we have right now, the biggest barrier to appointments is they're not being offered and that might sound really silly. But when the CSR is talking to a customer and they're asking about prices, the CSR isn't necessarily thinking I need to offer an appointment.”


This kind of discovery epitomizes the “unknown unknowns” that brands can uncover using conversation analytics. Fixing these unseen gaps provides an impactful way to drive continuous optimizations.


Automating Quality Assurance for Agent Coaching

Signals are also powering automated quality assurance to enhance coaching. Southern Veterinary Partners  highlighted how they filter calls to only review negative outcomes, such as missed appointment setting opportunities.


This focused sampling ensures coaches can devote time to addressing problematic patterns rather than just randomly reviewing staff interactions. It also provides a far more objective view compared to in-person monitoring, which can skew towards the positive.


Ultimately, tackling frequent oversights revealed through Signals allows organizations to ratchet up performance over time.



Key Takeaways

  • Signals are flexible tools that can be used for a wide range of marketing and CX optimization goals beyond just campaign measurement.
  • Accuracy improves over time with phrase tuning based on insights from call monitoring and integration with existing data sources like CRMs.
  • Uncovering "unknown unknowns" in areas like sales enablement requires advanced filtering and analysis but can provide major competitive advantage.


Ongoing Innovation with Invoca Labs

Invoca concluded by previewing new innovations available through Invoca Labs. This includes next-generation AI signals requiring less training data, as well as tools like "Topic Explorer" that can automatically surface key themes from customer calls.


These innovations underscore Invoca's commitment to developing new ways for brands to extract value from voice analytics. Marketers interested to learn more can watch for upcoming Signal User Group webinars spotlighting new product releases.


By leveraging call intelligence through Invoca's signals, brands can rapidly validate assumptions, integrate data, uncover performance gaps, and innovate their customer engagement. The insights shared during this session provide a blueprint for companies looking to optimize their marketing strategies.